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In a year overrun with must-have Beatles-related books, hardcore fans are pinching themselves over Italian author Luca Parasi's new lovingly crafted 400-page tome, Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013): A Journey Through Paul McCartney's Songs After The Beatles.

A solid decade in the making, Parasi, conducted over 70 major interviews with Paul McCartney's key collaborators in Wings and on his own -- co-producers, arrangers, recording engineers, and session players to paint a groundbreaking and definitive song-by-song account of McCartney's solo career, covering every mainstream album and single the former Beatle released between his 1970 solo debut McCartney up through his latest release, 2013's New.

  • Parasi revealed to us that he originally considered including the countless unreleased McCartney tracks that have been making the bootleg rounds over the decades in the book, before sticking to the brief of documenting only McCartney's officially released recordings: "When I started this project many years ago, I was thinking, 'We don't have a book about McCartney songs.' And to me, it was a shame, it was incredible. So, I started collecting the official songs. And then at one point I thought, 'Well, I could add the unreleased stuff, I could add this and that' -- but I realized it was really tough. So I said, 'Let's include only the official songs.'"
  • Although Parasi has many favorites in the McCartney catalogue -- including the 2005 critically acclaimed Chaos And Creation In The Backyard -- when pressed for his absolute favorite album, he actually picked McCartney's second post-Beatles release from 1971: "For me, the best one, the most significant for me is Ram. He's got an energy,that I think, was a fantastic one. I consider it the best of Paul. There are a couple of songs that maybe are weak, but Paul was getting out of the Beatles and it was his first album recorded after the Beatles, so he has all this energy, all this rage inside; and so, I think it shines."

CHECK IT OUT: To order Luca Parasi's Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013): A Journey Through Paul McCartney's Songs After The Beatles, log on to:

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CHECK IT OUT: Paul McCartney on July 28th, 2005 performing "Friends To Go" at London's Abbey Road Studios:

Luca Parasi On Paul McCartney Recording Sessions Book
Luca Parasi On Paul McCartney's 'Ram' 

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