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We don't know if it's been timed to coincide with Tuesday (January 14th) being Dave Grohl's 45th birthday -- and here's hoping you have a happy one, Dave -- but rare demo recordings from the second band Grohl ever played in have surfaced on Soundcloud. Long before he was in Nirvana, Foo Fighters or even the Washington D.C. hardcore band Scream, Grohl played in a punk trio called Dain Bramage.


The group lasted less than two years, releasing two demos on cassette and a vinyl album called I Scream Not Coming Down, with the latter relatively easy to find online. But now Antiquiet has posted the earlier demo recordings online, uncovering eight songs from the group’s 1986 recording sessions at Grohl's favorite old studio, the Laundry Room.

  • Grohl's first documented band, even before Dain Bramage, was originally called Freak Baby and then Mission Impossible.
  • Grohl told us a while back that although he always sang and played guitar, he considered himself first and foremost a drummer: "I just kinda had the knack for drums. Joined a band and the drummer was so bad that I said, 'Give me those sticks now. I think I could probably figure this out.' And I just stuck with the drums for years. But I always have played guitar, and after Nirvana was finished I thought, you know, I'm too young to become a studio session drummer, I might as well go try my hand at actually singing and playing guitar. And it worked out."
  • The Bain Dramage demos include a cover of Grand Funk Railroad's "We're An American Band."
  • Grohl reunited with former Dain Bramage frontman Reuben Radding and bassist Dave Smith last year, tweeting a photo of the three ex-bandmates, although we wouldn't expect any gigs or new music anytime soon.
  • Grohl and Foo Fighters are currently at work on that band's eighth studio album, which Grohl has hinted will be written and recorded "in a way that I don’t think has been done before."
  • Foo Fighters will play a pre-Super Bowl concert on February 1st in New York City, one day before the game takes place in New Jersey.


  • Former Dain Bramage frontman Reuben Radding is now an established photographer, while bassist Dave Smith is reportedly living a nice, quiet life in Virginia.
  • The two men tried to keep Dain Bramage going after Grohl left the band, but Radding admitted later on, "After you’ve spent a couple years with Dave Grohl as your drummer it’s easy to feel like no other drummer exists."

CHECK IT OUT: Listen to Dave Grohl's Dain Bramage demos:

Here's the Twitter pic of Grohl and his former Dain Bramage bandmates in 2013:

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