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Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory shared some advice online at his Facebook page for fans feeling depressed or even suicidal around the holidays. The Hungarian-born guitarist wrote, "It's always around New Years Day/Eve when I get quite a few desperate e-mails from people who feel they hit rock bottom and think there is no way out . . . They are depressed, often suicidal . . . If you are really losing your mind... then don't hesitate and call 1-800-273-8255. It's the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline . . . they are professionals and equipped to help you!"


Bathory added, "I'm not a psychologist . . . but since you asked, here is my 2 cents on it: When you hit rock bottom -- it's always a perfect opportunity to completely change your life. Fear is what keeps everyone from taking chances . . . but those who have abandoned all hope, they've got nothing to lose . . . they are fearless. Fearlessness is the ultimate power. Use it."

  • Bathory added, "In a weird way, hitting rock bottom could be the best thing ever happen to you, because you don't have the luxury to be complacent anymore . . . You always fight harder when you're backed into a corner."
  • Five Finger Death Punch filmed a combination video/suicide prevention PSA back in 2012 for the song "Coming Down." Bullying is a major cause of suicide in recent years and Bathory told us how he learned to avoid it: "I never got bullied, but I can understand how some people don't have that strength. You just have to push back and it's a mental strength really. That's the first that you have to develop, that you will not accept positions that are not comfortable for you. And I think that's where it starts."
  • The second volume of Five Finger Death Punch's 2013 two-record set, The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell, sold 77,000 copies in the U.S. during its first week of release to debut at Number Two on the Billboard album chart at the end of November.
  • The first volume, which came out in July, also debuted in the same position with 113,000 copies and has sold more than 300,000 copies to date.
  • Five Finger Death Punch will next appear on the five-day Shiprocked cruise, scheduled to depart from Miami, Florida on January 26th. The band may also launch a second edition of its Trespass America festival tour, which premiered two years ago, sometime in 2014.

CHECK IT OUT: For more info on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, go to


  • Have you ever felt depressed or even suicidal around the holidays? More than once? What have you done about it?
  • Have you ever called a hotline like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline? Did it help?
  • Do you agree with Bathory that hitting rock bottom is sometimes the thing you need to pick yourself up and try even harder? Or is it tough to get up once you've hit the floor?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

Mattias Dahlgren wrote: "That's actually very sound advice! When you're at rock bottom, you can either do something positive about it - or you can stay there, log online and spew hate about bands you don't even listen to. Choose wisely!"

Corey Jason wrote: "He'd know about rock bottom...his band is the epitome of it in metal."

Richard Clark wrote: "I'm sure the white trash eat this bs up like it's genuine and true. For what it's worth, fear is often useful."

Kristen Wilson wrote: "he's like a walking compendium of ignorant redneck 'common sense' jargon. He should write slogans for bus adverts or something. Light a fire! Go for the gold!"

Jay Warsinske wrote: "Wow! He's got POSITIVE inspirational thoughts & THE HATERS come out & spew nothing but NEGATIVE energy!?! I know these trolls are spewing hate & looking for an EXCUSE of why things AREN'T happening for their music career! SAD..."

Five Finger Death Punch's Zoltan Bathory On Avoiding Being Bullied

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