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Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne says that his wife and manager Sharon is the reason why he's alive today. Speaking to at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honor awards ceremony in London last week, Ozzy explained, "I did a good job of being the living dead . . . I'm alive because I've got a strong wife, I think. I didn't expect to live past 30 -- I remember when I was 21 saying I would be dead by 40. That was all right until I was 39 and a half."


  • Ozzy has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for much of his adult life, slipping off the wagon in 2012 after several years of sobriety.
  • Sharon threatened to leave and divorce him during the latest episode, even living separately from her husband for several months until he got his act together.
  • Ozzy told us a while back that he appreciated being alive and sober more than ever: "We all take life for granted, you know, and nobody wants to talk about the fact that any of us could go to bed one night and never wake up again. We just take life for granted. I was under the influence of one chemical or another for so long that the joy of just coming around, waking up now without a hangover is great, you know."
  • But even today, Ozzy can't help but let a little of his inner madman out. Asked what advice he would give to younger musicians or his younger self, he said, "I'm not good at giving advice to anyone else. Drink more and take as much cocaine as you can. That's what I would tell my younger self."


  • Black Sabbath recently announced that it will return to North America in 2014 for a series of 10 shows beginning on March 31st in Brooklyn, New York, winding down on April 26th in Los Angeles.
  • These gigs will be among the final shows that Sabbath does in support of its current studio album, 13, which became the band's first Number One album ever in the U.S. when it was released this past June.
  • Sabbath will release a live album and DVD/Blu-ray captured on this year's world tour, called Black Sabbath: Live . . . Gathered In Their Masses, on Tuesday (November 26th).


  • We love Ozzy as much as anyone, but would you ever consider taking any kind of advice from him?
  • If you did, what would you ask him about?
  • Do you think having Sharon around to keep him in line has helped Ozzy stay alive?
  • Has anyone ever played that kind of role in your life or the life of someone you know?

Ozzy Osbourne On Not Taking Life For Granted

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