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Metallica has announced that the band will join the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park for the second annual "Metallica Night" on May 16th, 2014. According to Loudwire, the game will be against the Miami Marlins this time and the group will get to perform the National Anthem and throw out the first pitch just as they did on the first "Metallica Night" back on May 3rd of this year.


The band said in a statement, "Winter might be right around the corner, but we’re already thinking about baseball! We had such an amazing time last year supporting our local team and hanging at the yard that we jumped at the chance to do it all again . . . we’ll be on hand to kick it off with the National Anthem and first pitch, joining the orange and black faithful for the rest of the evening for all kinds of Metalli-fun and games.”

  • Special event tickets for the game will go on sale Friday, November 29th at 8:00 a.m. PT. The special package includes a ticket to the game and a limited edition Metallica/Giants hoodie. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Little Kids Rock Bay Area Chapter.
  • In other Metallica news, drummer Lars Ulrich gave a new interview to The Talks in which he summed up Metallica's 32-year career to date, saying, "The one thing I'll always hold my head up high about is that 32 years later, it's been quite a ride -- it's been a pretty pure ride, a pretty honest ride, a pretty straight ride -- we haven't done things for ulterior motives or tried to do things for commercial gains or for this or for that, so I feel pretty proud of all of it. I think I can look myself in the mirror and go, 'It's okay,' because that was what I felt at the moment and I did my best."
  • Ulrich told us a while back that he believes one reason for Metallica's continued success is the bond the band has with its fans: "The main thing really is just the fans. How do you communicate with your fans, how do you get the music to the fans, how do you offer your fans the best Metallica experience that you can? And I'd like to think that Metallica, over the years, we kind of float around in our own little bubble. We do things our way, and sometimes we take some chances, and sometimes we play it safe and sometimes we're on the frontlines and sometimes, you know, we're on the second wave or whatever. But we kind of do it, you know, in our own little bubble."
  • The next big Metallica event will take place on December 8th, when the band will play a concert in Antarctica.
  • Contest winners from several Latin and South American countries will get a chance to join the band on the expedition.
  • The concert will take place under a dome at the Carlini Argentine Base will be heard by the fans through headphones, with no other amplifiers or sound system. The gig will also be live-streamed in the participating countries.

SIDE NOTES: Metallica will release a special vinyl edition of the soundtrack to the band's recent movie, Through The Never, on November 29th in conjunction with Record Store Day‘s “Back to Black Friday” campaign at local record shops. Only 4,000 copies of the limited edition set will be pressed, with the soundtrack spread across four 180-gram 45 RPM vinyl LPs.  (Gibson)

CHECK IT OUT: Read the full Lars Ulrich interview at

WATCH: See footage from last May's "Metallica Night" here:

And more here:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

Stephen Boardman wrote: "Good interview, i believe him when he says it has been a pure honest ride, of course there will be a few haters soon that say otherwise."

Padan Fain wrote: "It's always been their rules. Each album one huge slab of unique-sounding tunes with a f*** you attitude. Their entire career's been about honesty. If you don't see the truth of that, you're simply searching for a reason to hate them."

Ken Schmitt wrote: "I agree that they haven't given into ulterior motives. They're a honest band from what I've seen over the years."

Lars Ulrich Says Metallica Has Always Done Things Their Way

Read more at Blabbermouth and Loudwire

Blabbermouth posts an interview with drummer Lars Ulrich on Metallica's career

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