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Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron has announced that he will sit out the band's 2014 tour dates due to his live commitments with his other group, Pearl Jam. In a statement posted at Soundgarden's website on Friday (November 15th), Cameron wrote, "I will be taking 2014 off from Soundgarden touring due to prior commitments promoting Lightning Bolt with my brothers in Pearl Jam and the desire to have more time at home with my family. I am trying to balance the many twists and turns of my awesome music career. This is temporary."


Cameron added, "I am still an active member of Soundgarden. Chris, Ben, Kim and I are in the process of finding the perfect substitute for the upcoming Soundgarden dates in 2014."

  • Ironically, Cameron told us not long ago that playing for both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam was not the most demanding thing he'd ever done: "You know what? I've actually been a lot busier in my life. When I was in my 20s, I used to play in a bunch of different bands at once and it's just part of the job of being a drummer -- sometimes you've got to do a little juggling. But I'm certainly happy to do it."
  • Cameron has been a member of Pearl Jam since 1998, the year after Soundgarden disbanded.
  • Soundgarden reunited in 2010, releasing its first album in 16 years, King Animal, in November 2012.
  • Pearl Jam issued its 10th studio album, Lightning Bolt, last month and is currently on a North American tour that next stops in Glendale, Arizona on Tuesday (November 19th).
  • Soundgarden's only confirmed tour dates so far for 2014 are three Lollapalooza festivals in South America and three German gigs opening for Black Sabbath.


  • Are you surprised that this is happening, given how tough Cameron's schedule must be?
  • Are you bummed that he won't be playing with Soundgarden next year? Should he have taken time off from Pearl Jam instead?
  • Do you think he should choose one band over the other permanently?
  • Who should fill in on drums for Soundgarden?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Loudwire -- agree or not?

James Hubble wrote: "What's with this recent trend the last few years with bands touring with substitutes filling in for major members? Not fair to the fans, if you ask me. At least give a discount on the tickets. Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are both fantastic, and it's understandable for him to make this decision, but Matt is a huge part of Soundgarden, and I personally would rather wait a year to see the full band than see them without him."

David Garrett wrote: "Being part of 2 HUGE bands must be a real bitch to manage his time. I don't envy him. The thing is is that Matt was in Soundgarden BEFORE Pearl Jam and if it weren't for Soundgarden's breakup he most likely would've never had the chance to hook up with Pearl Jam. The way I see it is that Soundgarden is still trying to regain the momentum they had 20 years ago while Pearl Jam has been ongoing from the start and isn't going away anytime soon. Soundgarden needs him there more than Pearl Jam does. Missing one tour with them won't hurt the band that much."

Christopher Gauger wrote: "Soundgarden without Matt Cameron is like Led Zeppelin without John Bonham. As for Pearl Jam, they should bring back Dave Abbruzzese!"

Dave Hickok wrote: "I totally understand his other priorities and the grueling life of a musician whose in 2 incredible bands...but this sucks. Matt's one of the most amazing drummers, and I really don't think anyone can fill his shoes. Hopefully he won't be away for too long."

Matt Cameron On Juggling Drumming Duties In Soundgarden And Pearl Jam

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