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Staind frontman Aaron Lewis was asked about the band's guitarist, Mike Mushok, recently joining forces with the group Newsted while Staind continues its current hiatus. Lewis told Loudwire, "I think it’s awesome. It takes pressure off of me having to abandon what I’m really focused on right now. I think it’s great.”


Lewis added that he thinks joining a full-on metal act like Newsted has been good for Mushok, explaining, "I’ve always kept Mike on such a hard leash for what I felt was needed for the Staind songs. I always felt that we didn’t have any lead guitar stuff for a long time. It slowly kind of filtered back in, and on this last Staind record we did, I was like, Mike, just shred it. Show everybody what you’ve always been able to do that I’ve kept you from doing.”

  • Newsted is a new band spearheaded by former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, which has released one EP and has an album on the way.
  • Lewis continued about Mushok, "When I met that kid, he was like Yngwie Malmsteen. He was literally the most prolific shredder of a guitar player. I’ve done nothing throughout our entire career except hold him back from doing that; we always simplified everything. I’m so happy for him that he’s finally getting to show everybody how unbelievable of a guitar player he is.”
  • Staind has been on hiatus since late 2012 after completing the touring cycle for its self-titled seventh album.
  • Lewis told us a while back that the members of Staind don't see each other when they're not working together: "You know, I think one of the secrets to why our band has lasted as long as it has is because we don't hang out at all when we're not on the road. We're from four completely different circles of people, and it's kinda good, when we go home, we just don't even see each other or run into each other for any reason whatsoever until it's time to go back out on tour. So I think maybe that's why we've lasted as long as we have."
  • Lewis has been pursuing a career as a solo country artist in recent years, releasing an EP called Town Line in 2011 and a full-length album titled The Road last year. The EP featured the hit, "Country Boy."
  • Lewis is currently on a solo tour that brings him to Flint, Michigan on Tuesday (November 12th).


  • Was that cool of Lewis to say such nice things about Mushok?
  • Do you think he has an ulterior motive -- like trying to convince Mushok to keep doing what he's doing because Lewis himself wants to stay solo?
  • Have you checked out the Newsted band yet? Do you think Mushok has been held back as a guitar player in Staind?

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Lewis perform a country version of the early Staind song "Mudshovel," retitled "Country Shovel":

Aaron Lewis Says Staind Doesn't Hang Out When Not Touring

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