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Pearl Jam has notched its fifth Number One record on the Billboard 200 album chart on Wednesday (October 23rd), as Lightning Bolt sold 166,000 copies in its first week of release to debut at the top of the survey. The band's 10th studio effort follows 2009's Backspacer, which moved 189,000 copies to also land in the top spot. The group's previous chart-toppers were 1996's No Code, 1994's Vitalogy and 1993's Vs.

Guitarist Mike McCready told us that although Lightning Bolt touches on different eras of the band's sound, the band didn't plan it that way: "You know, I think there's some looking back and some looking forward in this record. When you sit down to write a record, it's not -- we kind of never go, 'This is what our thoughts are on what it should be.' The recording process itself and the songs will tell you as it goes on what it is, so we don't know exactly what we have when we first start out."

  • Although the first-week sales for Lightning Bolt are the lowest for any of the band's studio releases, it's the largest debut week for any rock album in 2013.
  • The band has also reached Number Two four times, with Ten in 1992, Yield in 1998, Binaural in 2000 and a self-titled effort in 2006.
  • All 10 of Pearl Jam's studio albums have reached the Billboard chart's Top 10.

SIDE NOTES: Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder spoke with Billboard this week about his love for baseball and the time he gave his childhood baseball mitt to Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks. The vocalist recalled, "Ernie saw it and then he put it on, and he said, 'I really like this glove . . . It's a good mitt. There's love in this glove. I really would like to have this glove. This would be a connection between you and me to have this mitt.' . . . I said, 'You can absolutely have my mitt.' Because if you go back and realize some day Ernie Banks might ask for your mitt, you f***ing give it to him -- Mr. Cub, the hero that you watched as a kid."

INTERNET COMMENTS at Billboard -- agree or not?

BrianC6234 wrote: "These #1 albums are getting pathetic. Selling 166,000 is pretty good for one week but it doesn't mean anything anymore to mention an album is #1."

de Sascha wrote: "Wow! Good to see all the veterans smashing this weeks album charts! So happy for Pearl Jam's success after all this time!"

Pearl Jam's Mike McCready On How Albums Come Together

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