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New Zealand singer/songwriter Lorde releases her much-anticipated debut album on Tuesday (September 30th), titled Pure Heroine. The 16-year-old artist came out of almost nowhere this year when a song called "Royals" from her initial EP, The Love Club, steadily climbed the Modern Rock chart until it reached the top, making the first time a song with female vocals had done that since 1996.


In its review of Pure Heroine, Antiquiet said that Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor, has "written an album of shockingly mature songs, all by herself, if liner notes are to be believed. She is the real deal, a naturally gifted songwriter. That's not what the reviews are saying, but the reviews are wrong."

  • The review adds that Lorde is "one of the first artists to graduate into the real world having grown up on Kanye West, versus the previous generations' Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, etc."
  • The site continues that "Royals" is not "one good fluke among a bunch of mediocre disc filler," adding that "the album seethes with potential for a mushroom cloud of development over the years to come."
  • Lorde plays the second of two shows in Manhattan, New York City on Tuesday night before concluding her first North American tour with gigs in Brooklyn on Thursday (October 3rd) and Toronto on Sunday (October 6th).


  • Will you buy or download Lorde's album this week?
  • Do you think she is the real deal, a true artist, or a concoction of managers, writers and producers?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Antiquiet -- agree or not?

Stu wrote: "I'm really excited to see what she does with this album and going forward, there's obviously a lot of potential."

Ryan M. wrote: "I grabbed the album and started listening. I do find it takes a few listens to dig in to it, so looking forward to more."

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Lorde perform on the public radio show Morning Becomes Eclectic:

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