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Modern rock's newest singing sensation, Lorde, has given one of her rare interviews to the TV show 3rd Degree in her native New Zealand, where she revealed that she was given the opportunity to open for pop diva Katy Perry on the latter's upcoming world tour. But Lorde said she declined the offer, adding, "I turn down a lot of things. I'm a bit picky with what I do and don't do." Pressed further about turning down Perry, Lorde said, "I think she's really talented; I just don't think it was quite right for me."


  • She maintained that making the decision to skip such a high-profile tour wasn't difficult, saying, "I mean, I have a pretty good gut instinct for stuff and if something feels right, I'll do it."
  • The 16-year-old Lorde, who was born Ella Yelich-O'Connor, is currently on her first North American headlining tour, which stops on Monday night (September 30th) in New York City for the first of a two-night stand.
  • Her first full-length album, Pure Heroine, comes out on Tuesday (September 30th) and will include her Number One hit "Royals."


  • If you were in Lorde's position, would you turn down a massive tour like that?
  • Do you think she's smart and knows how she wants to guide her own career?
  • If you were her manager, what kind of advice would you give her?

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