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Roger Daltrey spoke candidly about his life and work with the Who during his recent chat with Dan Rather on his AXS TV show, The Big Interview. In addition to talking frankly about the 35th anniversary of Keith Moon's death at age 32, he was asked about his favorite album by the band.


Daltrey explained, "The truth is I like it all. What's so great about our albums, they're all particular times in our life. . . what we going through at the time is very much reflected in the music. They're all different colors and different sentiments. But if I had to choose one song, it would be 'Behind Blue Eyes.' And because I just remember the day. It was the day my dog got killed. I was very, very upset, to say the least. And it comes out. You can hear it in the vocal."

  • Roger Daltrey has been spearheading the upcoming Keith Moon biopic -- with not much progress to show for his time. He explained to us that it's a daunting task taking such a larger-than-life figure such as Moon and squeezing it onto the screen: "It's a very difficult project because I don't want anything in it that people expect. Well, there's a few things, but I want to tell people about the real Moon, not just the bits and pieces they know. And it's very, very difficult to get it into a, an hour-and-45-minute narrative. It's not easy."

CHECK IT OUT: Roger Daltrey talking about Keith Moon on AXS TV's The Big Interview:

Roger Daltrey Says It's Been Really Hard Making A Movie About The Real Keith Moon

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