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Young Guns, who topped the rock chart earlier this year with the song "Bones," are hard at work on their next studio effort. The British band is holed up at a studio in New York City "doing some writing, fast demoing and pre-production all in kind of one big chunk," singer Gustav Wood told Alternative Press. Wood added, "We've managed to get what I think is a pretty great amount of material in a short amount of time. We're really excited; we're in a really great place right now."


Wood told us recently how the band goes about writing songs: "It's just kind of try everything and see what works. Usually I suppose John (Taylor, guitar) or Fraser (Taylor, guitar) will bring either a riff or a vague kind of idea for a finished song, and then we'll all sit down and kind of tear it apart and build it into something that we're all happy with."

  • Working in New York has been an added charge for the group, with Wood saying "It's inspiring to be -- as a (band) from London -- to wake up every day and go to Times Square and to make music with my mates."
  • As for what the band's new music sounds like, Wood called it "quite an evolution," explaining, "This record is really about challenging (ourselves) to be more creative and hopefully a little more unique."
  • Young Guns reached the Number One spot on the U.S. rock radio chart last March with "Bones," the title track from the band's second studio album.
  • The song spent 32 consecutive weeks climbing the chart, making the group record-holders for the longest unbroken rise to the top.


  • Young Guns was formed in 2003 and released its debut album, All Our Kings Are Dead, in 2010.
  • Gustav Wood and Fraser Taylor are the only members of the group who have been in the lineup from the beginning.
  • The group recorded its second album, 2012's Bones, at a studio in Thailand.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Young Guns perform "Bones" live last year at Guilfest:

Gustav Wood On How Young Guns Writes Songs

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