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The Who's "Super Deluxe" reissue of their 1969 Tommy album will be released on November 11th. The set, which will feature both a remastered and 5.1 surround sound version of the album, will also feature 20 solo Pete Townshend demos. The additional disc -- which literally serves as a one-man band version of the album -- marks the first time all of Townshend's 1968/1969 demos for the album will be officially released. The limited edition set features a hardback, 80-page full-color book featuring rare period photos and memorabilia, a 20,000-word essay by Townshend confidante and Who biographer Richard Barnes, and a rare facsimile Tommy poster.


In addition to that, despite Townshend ordering long-suffering Who sound man Bobby Pridden to destroy all the live tapes of the band's 1969 North American gigs back in the day, a full Tommy performance is presented from an October 19th, 1969 Ottawa gig -- along with additional tracks from other unspecified shows -- will also see its first release.

  • Pete Townshend revealed to us that unlike today, where he specifically writes for himself, in the past he never focused on who would perform his material, choosing to just let the inspiration be his guide:"What used to happen was that I used to write, irrespective of whether I was going to sing the song or that the Who were going to sing the song -- or to be honest, if someone came along to me one day. . . Y'know, if Paul Simon, or Sting, or Paul McCartney, or the Stones or something, said, y'know, 'Have you got a song?' Y'know, I gladly would've written for anybody else, it's just that nobody asked me."

CHECK IT OUT: Pete Townshend's 1968 home demo for "Amazing Journey/Sparks":

CHECK IT OUT: Pete Townshend's 1968 home demo for "Christmas":

Pete Townshend On Songwriting

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