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Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler has told the Chicago Sun-Times that the band's current tour in support of its long-awaited reunion album, 13, could very well be his last. Asked why he thought that, Butler explained, "I don't know. I just got a feeling. It's getting tough, it really is. I can't lie about that. I'm old now. It really is tough going on every night. You wake up the next day, all the pains you never had before. I don't want to go onstage for the sake of the money. You have to have a lot pride in yourself, and I honestly think I'm coming to the end of the top of my job."


Butler also said that he's enjoying the current Sabbath tour, adding, "I've always said as long as I can play, as long as I can do it to a good level, then I'll keep doing it, because I still really enjoy playing. I'll know when the day comes I can't do this anymore, can't play to my usual standards. That's when I won't go out anymore. I won't do that to me self. But at the moment, I just love playing with the band. It probably will be the last time, will probably be the last tour. But I want to go out on a high. The band is playing really well at the moment."

  • Butler, guitarist Tony Iommi and singer Ozzy Osbourne reunited in late 2011 to record their first new album together in 35 years. Original drummer Bill Ward was on board at first but dropped out over contract disputes.
  • Progress on the record was slowed first by Ward's departure and then by Iommi's January 2012 cancer diagnosis.
  • Ozzy told us that the band members knew this might be their last chance to make an album together:"We knew as a band that people were gonna go, 'Oh yeah. they're going in the studio again, it's never gonna happen,' you know. So we just marched through all the problems and did an album, you know, with Rick Rubin."
  • The disc, which came out this past June, became the first Sabbath album in the band's 43-year history to debut at Number One on the Billboard chart.
  • Sabbath's current North American tour brings the band to Chicago on Friday (August 16th) and winds down on September 3rd in Los Angeles.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch fan-filmed footage of Black Sabbath performing "N.I.B." on August 12th in Mansfield, Massachusetts:


  • Do you think this should be Sabbath's last tour? Is the band going out on a high note if so?
  • A lot of reviews have pointed out that Ozzy's vocals aren't that great -- is that a sign that the band should quit after this?
  • Do you think the Sun-Times just happened to catch Geezer on a bad day?
  • Have you ever gone to see a band play and thought, "These guys should call it a day"? Who was it and why?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Loudwire -- agree or not?

Kevin Thompson wrote: "A Class act. going out with dignity and honor.. just gotta respect that.. The Geez has always been my favorite bass player.. just his tone, and his unique lines."

Tiara Brown wrote: "its an understandable reason,in which im not even sad about it after all he's not young anymore, I still and will always love Black Sabbath."

David Liggett wrote: "Just saw them yesterday, and they absolutely killed it."

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