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Singer Scott Weiland's former bandmate in Velvet Revolver, bassist Duff McKagan, said that the members of Stone Temple Pilots did "what they had to do" when they fired Weiland earlier this year. McKagan explained, "I understood what they had to do. I think they got a lot of backlash from STP fans, but what are you gonna do? They did the thing they needed to do, and good for them -- they're healthy guys and good fellows, guys you pull for if you know them and you understand what they went through. I went through the same thing with their singer and it's really frustrating. It's utterly frustrating when things are going good and one guy's kind of dragging it down."


  • Asked if he thought that Weiland, who has a long history of addiction, was back on drugs, McKagan replied, "I would never say anything about that, really, publicly . . . I know he's got kids and I wish the best for him just because I've seen the really good side of him."
  • Velvet Revolver dismissed Weiland in April 2008, after which he regrouped with STP, who had been on hiatus since 2002.
  • Stone Temple Pilots has recruited Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington as Weiland's replacement and will release a new EP this fall.


  • Do you think STP did "what they had to do"?
  • Would you rather hear STP with a new singer than no STP at all?
  • Since two major bands both fired Weiland, does that seem to make it obvious who is to blame for all this?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

Devoid Killsing wrote: "Out of all the singers in Rock, why would they choose that douche from Linkin Park?"

Ilich Bezares wrote: "Cuz he isn't a washed up junkie."

Cazz Sdmf wrote: "if he's NOT back on drugs, he's in BAD bad know what I mean if you seen that youtube video of his live solo performance in vegas months ago."

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