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Jack White's ex-wife, model and singer Karen Elson, has been granted a restraining order against her former husband by a Nashville circuit judge, according to the Nashville City Paper. White was hit with the order on Monday, July 22nd, which bars him from having "any contact with (Elson) whatsoever except as it relates to parenting time with the parties' minor children."


Although the couple divorced amicably in 2011, the restraining order comes as a custody battle over their two children has gotten heated. Elson has primary custody of the children and characterized White in the restraining order affidavit as an unfit father who refused repeated pleas to attend family counseling. She also claimed the singer has a violent temper and has alleged several instances of harassment, adding that she "fears for her and the children's safety as a result of this harassment."

  • Among the allegations of harassment are claims that White contacted Elson's paralegal in an "inappropriate and aggressive manner," made derogatory comments about Elson to the couple's business manager, and bullied Elson continuously through phone calls, texts and emails pressuring her about the settlement terms of the divorce.
  • The order stated, "This pattern of husband's bullying wife into submission was a contributing factor in the demise of their marriage."
  • Elson also alleged in the restraining order that White demanded she pull the children from a class at their school because he didn't want them attending class with the child of another entertainer he believes "ripped off" his music.
  • In another instance, White harassed Elson for attending the wedding of a second "rival musician," who he believed also "ripped off" his music.
  • Elson's attorney told the City Paper that Elson and White had been working to settle their differences privately, although the lawyer also reportedly requested that the court order a custodial psychological evaluation for White.
  • White and Elson are due in court August 29th for a custody hearing.

JUST OUR OPINION: This is horrible for everyone, but especially for the children. We hope that White and Elson settle their differences and that White, if he needs it, gets help. This certainly puts the relationship between Jack and his first wife, reclusive White Stripes drummer Meg White, in a new light.

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

ourbyotch wrote: "Well so much for remaining trusted friends and co-parents."

Patrick Kilmartin wrote: "I'm guessing the 'rival musicians' are the Black Keys. I know he kicked Dan Auerbach out of Third Man Records before."

ZepFan wrote: "So Jack White is complaining about the Black Keys ripping off his music? I respect both of them as musicians but when it comes right down to it neither of them are particularly original and both of them take inspiration from the same source."

Triangle Dimes wrote: "I remember the 'divorce party' they had, which made the split to be the most amicable thing in the world. Like they always seemed too cool for marriage and all the baggage. So as bad as it sounds, it's refreshing to see Jack White in some run-of-the-mill relationship nonsense."

BitOfFluff3 wrote: "She made comments recently (Harper's Bazaar), about how devastated she was about the divorce. Now all of a sudden he's a total horror?"

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