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The neighbor whose patio Puddle Of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin allegedly trashed with a sledgehammer and buzzsaw, leading to his arrest on Wednesday (July 24th), says that problems with Scantlin have been "going on for a few months," according to the Hollywood Reporter. The neighbor is electro-pop recording artist Sasha Gradiva, who said, "This has been going on for a while, a few months. I didn't really want to talk about it. I just focus on my music, but yesterday was just completely ridiculous."


  • Scantlin allegedly used the saw to vandalize Gradiva's patio before taking the sledgehammer to a wall between their two properties. Scantlin reportedly claims that the wall has been built on his side of the property line.
  • Released later on Wednesday after being booked on charges of felony vandalism, Scantlin told TMZ, "My neighbor vandalized my house, so I had to take action." Asked why he used a saw, Scantlin replied, "It's called a sledgehammer, dawg."
  • Gradiva claims that Scantlin has attacked her home, which is under construction, at least 10 times, saying, "I called the police multiple times. Every time, he would run into his house and lock the doors and he wouldn't open them . . . but yesterday they got him."
  • The singer said she thinks Scantlin is jealous of the view from her patio, which sits in line with his roof. Gradiva said that Scantlin has erected things like a tent and a giant flag on his roof to block her view.
  • Gradiva, who is currently not living in the house, admitted that a small piece of her patio "goes behind the view line between our properties," but added. "I didn't do that. I bought the house with this patio . . . I don't know why he decided to bother me because the previous owner, they didn't have any issues."
  • Gradiva said she's pursuing a restraining order against Scanlin after the damage to her property, and may sell the house if the situation is not resolved quickly.
  • The incident is the latest in a series of legal hassles and arrests for Scantlin, who was taken into custody twice this past May alone -- once for warrants stemming from a 2012 cocaine possession bust, and a second time for domestic violence.

SIDE NOTES: Gradiva was nicknamed "Gun Girl" after she turned heads at the Grammys earlier this year by walking the red carpet with one arm covered with machine guns. See the photos at


  • Given Wes' track record, do you think that Gradiva really "vandalized" his property?
  • If you were Gradiva, would you sue him? Or would you just sell the house?
  • Have you ever had a horrible neighbor who caused all kinds of problems and started fights with you? How did things end up?

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INTERNET COMMENTS at TMZ -- agree or not?

Jeff wrote: "That's what happen when you start doing drugs ... the singer totally went downhill after 2004."

Burning Plastic wrote: "If they really built on his property and he can prove it all he had to do was sit back and wait for the court to tell them to demolish it. Disputes between neighbors can get ugly but he sounds like he should have all his power tools taken away before he hurts himself."

Scary wrote: "Seems silly to get in a fight - just find out where the real property line is."

Amy wrote: "This piece of s*** deserved to be locked up years ago. Maybe had the judicial system not be a joke, he would have been, and the public wouldn't have been subjected to HORRIBLE crap he calls 'music.'"

Letsbereal wrote: "Wes looks like stereotypical a** that doesn't know what to do with himself now that he probably spent all those royalty checks and has no new hit music."

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