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An Italian U2 fan site reported on Wednesday (July 24th) that the band is gearing up to launch a new world tour that will feature up to three nights in every city the group plays, with a different concert set list for each night. Although there is no official source for the rumor, it is also speculated that the band will return to arenas this time around instead of the stadiums they played from 2009 to 2011 on the 360 Tour. U2 does have a new album coming out in the near future, but a title and release date have yet to be revealed.


Rolling Stone has come up with its own scenario for U2's three-night stands, formatting them like this:

  • Scenario 1 - Complete Album Shows
    Night One: War + the new album
    Night Two: The Joshua Tree + the new album
    Night Three: Achtung Baby + the new album
  • Scenario 2 - Decades Nights
    Night One: The 1980s + selections from the new album
    Night Two: The 1990s + selections from the new album
    Night Three: The 2000s + selections from the new album
  • Scenario 3 - Theme Nights
    Night One: Hits + selections from the new album
    Night Two: Rarities + selections from the new album
    Night Three: Band's choice

Rolling Stone lists the pros and cons for each format, calling the first one "nakedly nostalgic" while the second format would open the show to a "broader range of material." But the magazine likes the third format the best, saying, "Everybody wins, except the casual fans that find themselves at rarities night and have to endure "Your Blue Room" followed by "A Different Kind Of Blue" and "Pete The Chop."


  • If U2 did perform with any of those formats, which one would you like best?
  • Should the band include more rarities and deep cuts in its concerts?
  • Would you like to hear some of their classic records from front to back live?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Rolling Stone -- agree or not?

AbbeyRoadkill wrote: "I don't see any of this happening 'cept perhaps U2 playing their new album in it's entirety. It's gonna be a great album, can't wait."

Noah Mullette-Gillman wrote: "They would never do ANY of the above scenarios. They wouldn't want to do a whole night of just rarities or just simply play a whole album. Much more likely is that they switch up 30-40% of the setlist each night. And THAT would be exciting."

h wrote: "U2 are not so nostalgia as their fans but to please their fans they might dig up something for them maybe 3-5 songs. Just mix new songs with old songs each night with the right other of seqeunce, forget 90's night and then joshua tree night then band choice (wtf) that would be boring."

11 wrote: "I don't see any of these three suggestions happening in a million years. It's to nostalgia-driven and exclusive for U2's taste, though I hope we get an arena tour and some rarely played stuff this time out."

Read more at Rolling Stone

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