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Fans who attended the Pearl Jam concert at Wrigley Field on Friday (July 19th) were treated to a show of epic proportions. The 33-song set was cut short after seven songs only to resume three hours later once the inclement weather subsided.


According to Spin.comEddie Vedder warned the sold-out crowd that the ominous skies would put a hold on the night but the band reportedly left the stage almost 45 minutes before the first rain drop fell. Though many fans did not wait it out, Eddie and the boys eventually returned to stage shortly before midnight and the crowd that remained enjoyed the rest of set which lasted until nearly two A.M.

  • The band debuted the songs "Lightning Bolt" and "Future Days" from their new album Lightning Boltbeing released on October 15th.


  • Would you have waited out the three-hour rain delay?
  • What was the most epic concert you have ever been to?
  • Should the band have offered a refund to people who chose to leave during the rain?
  • When you attend concerts, do you prefer the band to play the hits, new songs, or less-popular tracks from their albums?



  • Iridescence Media on says, "I'm enjoying the new material and can't wait for the new album!"
  • Papabear5 on says, "I was at the show. Unbelievable. Show got over at 2am. I think they wanted to play more but the powers that be wouldn't allow it. When you see a band live like PJ, you realize how great a band they really are. Set lists that are unpredictable, looking at you Mick Jagger, and a band that is having fun onstage. Hopefully they release the bootleg of this show soon."
  • grunggrl on says, "It was worth the 2 hour delay to hear them play. Have to say I like their old stuff the best, reminds me of being in my 20's"
  • Amy Tolliver on says, "I've been to Hell, and it's called Wrigley Field! I have been to countless PJ shows and have a fan club number low enough so I would get front row outside of metro areas, before they changed the fan club ticketing. Playing Wrigley may have been a dream for Ed, but it was a living nightmare for me. Starting an hour late, how many songs could have been played before the evacuation if they started on time. No order to the evacuation from the field. No one who left the field on Stone's side were told we could leave the stadium, so we were crammed in the tunnels for two hours, no communication by stadium employees. I don't blame the band, I love PJ, it was the venue. That was the first time I didn't stay for a whole show. Tickets in my area were selling for $3000 a pair. If I had only known."

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