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A Chicago man was arrested for allegedly selling counterfeit tickets to this past Friday's (July 19) Pearl Jam Concert at Wrigley Field. According to RedEye, a man bought last minute Pearl Jam tickets on Craigslist priced at $250 a piece. He arranged to meet the seller and was suspicious when he seemed on edge. The pair completed the purchase and the buyer flagged down police officers and had the seller arrested before the man could drive off.


  • The seller was charged with forgery and was released on a $10,000 bond.


  • Have you ever bought counterfeit tickets?
  • Is Craigslist the worst way to purchase something?
  • Do ticket scalpers make you not want to purchase tickets from anywhere other than Ticketmaster?
  • Have tickets gotten too expensive and too hard to get?


  • Hammer777 writes on, "nation in shock that anyone would even buy a pearl jam ticket. No word if there was a run on plaid shirts during the week leading up to the show."
  • RiotAct666 writes on, "Just like those people who sell counterfeit T-shirts in the parking lots for $10. Both these people need to be burned alive!"
  • Bergenboy writes on, "I don't get the PJ hatred on here. Are people on here that diehard metal that they can't appreciate any other forms of rock music? I listen to a broad range of music from the Beatles to Metallica and everything in between. Pearl Jam, in my opinion, happens to be one of the greatest live bands of all-time."

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