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Pearl Jam has revealed that its new album is titled Lightning Bolt and will be released on October 15th in the U.S. In addition to confirming the new album info, the band has released the first single, called "Mind Your Manners," which is available for download on and can be heard now at rock radio stations. The group has yet to unveil the full track list for the disc, which is its 10th studio album.


Guitarist Mike McCready was asked a while back howPearl Jam has managed to stay together for more than 20 years: "With a lot of careful effort and talking to each other, I think, and hopefully having as clear lines of communication between each other as possible. I think we take the time to want to find solutions for the stuff that goes on in our band, if there's issues and problems and things, 'cause I think we love each other, and I know we love each other, and I know I love playing music with these guys."

  • The album can now be pre-ordered at the band's website and iTunes.
  • Pearl Jam has been working on the new disc since 2011. It follows up 2009's Backspacer.
  • The news about the record was broken after a second countdown clock at the Pearl Jam website hit zero on Thursday (July 11th). A previous countdown clock led to the announcement of a North American tour.
  • That trek will begin on October 11th in Pittsburgh and wind down on December 6th in the band's hometown of Seattle. Also on the schedule are two previously announced dates on July 16th in London, Ontario and July 19th in Chicago.

CHECK IT OUT: Listen to "Mind Your Manners" here:

Watch a teaser for Lightning Bolt:

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INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

c7234 wrote: "This will probably sound like all their last six albums combined into one. Pearl Jam ceased to be relevent a LONG TIME AGO."

Billy wrote: "Wow. Funny, for being irrelevant they still sell out arena shows and have one of the largest followings of any major rock band in the US, unlike 99% of their counterparts from the early 90's."

Unglued wrote: "I love the new track. It sounds like a lot like 'Spin the Black Circle,' from Vitalogy. It is definitely much better than anything on Backspacer. Could be their best album in YEARS..."

jck747 wrote: "Sounds like backspacer; short, punchy songs."

Mike McCready On What Has Kept Pearl Jam Together

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