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Avenged Sevenfold will release the title track of its new album, Hail To The King, as the first official single from the record on Monday (July 15th), according to HardDrive Radio. The album, Avenged Sevenfold's sixth studio effort, will arrive in stores on August 27th. A 30-second sample of the song "Hail To The King" has surfaced online.


Asked recently by Revolver magazine what to expect from the new disc, guitarist Synyster Gates said, "I think our songwriting has improved by leaps and bounds. Sonically, this record is our biggest record by f***ing far. When you turn this f***ing thing on, it blasts your f***ing head off."

  • Lead singer M. Shadows told us a while back that Avenged Sevenfold never wants to settle on a single musical style: "The groundwork we've been setting for Avenged Sevenfold hasn't been 'here's our sound,' it's been 'we don't have a sound, we're always gonna keep changing.' But you're always gonna know when we write something 'cause we kinda, you know, everyone kinda tends to go to the melodies that they like and that's what you like a band, 'cause you're like, 'I like what they do, that feels very Avenged Sevenfold,' you know. It doesn't matter if it's a country song or more hip-hop influenced or whatever it is, it's gonna feel like Avenged Sevenfold 'cause we wrote it and it came from our hearts."
  • The new disc will follow up 2010's Nightmare, which earned the band its first Number One record on the Billboard 200 album chart.
  • Avenged Sevenfold will celebrate the album release by playing a free show at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on August 26th. Before that, the band has lined up several festival appearances this summer, starting with Rock USA on July 17th in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

CHECK IT OUT: Listen to a sample of the song "Hail To The King":

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

obscured by clouds wrote: "All this band does is rip off other bands."

Scarknuckle wrote: "Sounds very promising! Can't wait to hear the whole song!"

Gary Olsen wrote: "I love their riffs. they do not get enough credit for there music anything they play gets you to bobbing your head. cant wait for the album."

John Doomtrooper Dellach wrote: "Well that was disappointing."

Brandon Meldrum wrote: "I've always had mixed feelings about Avenged Sevenfolds music, I love their music much like I loved Disturbeds music but they both also started sounding the same with their last few albums. But this new sound has me extremely excited."

M. Shadows Says Avenged Sevenfold's Sound Is Always Changing

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