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Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler told Rolling Stone in a new interview that he will have surgery later this year to replace his knee, saying, "My knee is giving out. I had ACL reconstructions, and in November I'm getting knee replacement surgery. It'll take me about three or four months to recover . . . I've had so many operations on my knees and feet that just to be standing is a miracle. But to turn around and do one of my spins where I don't fall, that's the s***! But hey, all these years have taken their toll on me."


Tyler had surgery on both feet several years ago, telling us that 30-plus years of performing live had caught up with him: "The way I dance around onstage, it's taken its toll and, you know, it hurts like hell. You know, I've just about destroyed my feet. But I never feel it when I'm onstage, I'll tell you that much."

  • The procedure is likely to slow down progress on Tyler's first-ever solo album, which he plans to begin making this year during downtime for Aerosmith. He explained, "I just want to have some fun. I've got pieces of me that are a little bit more than Aerosmith. This gives me the freedom to write a song on trashcan lids or with the Boston Pops or an oboe and a harpsichord."
  • Tyler insists that the band is in a great place and that the solo project does not mean he is thinking of leaving the group. In fact, even with the members of Aerosmith now in their 60s and with things like knee replacement surgery a reality, Tyler can't imagine the band quitting.
  • He said, "As long as I can sing, I'm up there. I know Joe (Perry) wants to keep going. Remember, when one guy goes, it's not the original band. But as long as Joe and I wanna keep going . . . Look, we just love to play. Without a doubt, when they colonize the moon, we'll be up there as a lounge act."
  • Aerosmith does have a few scattered live dates booked throughout the summer, starting with an appearance this Saturday (July 6th) at the PGA Greenbrier Classic in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.
  • The band will release a new documentary, Rock For The Rising Sun, on DVD on July 23rd. The film chronicles the group's fall 2011 tour of Japan, which they did following the country's devastating earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdown as a way to bolster their Japanese fans' spirits.


  • Is there something just not rock 'n' roll about hearing that a singer is getting knee replacement surgery?
  • How long can Aerosmith reasonably expect to keep going? Do you think they'll know when to quit?
  • Have you ever kept doing something even though it was getting harder on you and it was in your best interests to stop?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Loudwire -- agree or not?

Dennis Pantano wrote: "your definitely no spring chicken anymore and i'm not either, matter of fact my legs are going too, good luck steve and i wish you a speedy recovery!!"

David Seibert Sr. wrote: "Just a fact of getting older ! Just have to accept that we cant jump around like a kid anymore ! It sucks but it is what it is !! Rock On Steven !!!"

Jim Foster wrote: "Oh goodie, another opportunity for Steven to get strung out on pain meds."

Bill Yannone wrote: "It will take him a year to fully recover at his age.

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler On Wrecking His Feet

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