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Pearl Jam has launched a countdown clock online at the band's official website that is scheduled to hit zero on July 8th at 1:00 p.m. ET. The band is scheduled to make a major announcement at that time, with most of the speculation suggesting that the group will be unveiling details about its 10th studio album. The clock is also part of a revamped look for the site itself, which is now more basic and streamlined.


  • Rumors have been swirling for a while that a new Pearl Jam single called "Mind Your Manners" will arrive by the middle of this month, to be followed by an album in the fall.
  • The band has been working intermittently on the follow-up to 2009's Backspacer for the past eighteen months, with Tides being one rumored album title.
  • Pearl Jam currently has three shows on its schedule, including a July 16th gig in London, Ontario, a July 19th show at Chicago's Wrigley Field, and a headlining appearance at New Orleans' Voodoo Experience festival in November.

CHECK IT OUT: The countdown is on


  • What do you think the band is counting down to? Album announcement? Tour? Both?
  • Is there any reason why there has to be a countdown? Why can't they just give us the news now?
  • Does this get you more excited for whatever the news is, or exasperated?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Huffington Post -- agree or not?

Ten90x wrote: "Get me a time machine and set it for the early 90's and I'll care."

DaddyO1701 wrote: "Last of the great rock bands. And no they don't care that the world has moved on to Justin Beiber and the like. They just keep making their own music. Enjoy it, or don't."

MotorcycleBoy wrote: "I love PJ, will buy the new album and see the tour but I don't agree that they're 'the last of the great rock bands', not as long as the Foo Fighters are around too."

Guardian Weasel wrote: "I'm sure the band is hella psyched to release a new album as a pretense for a world tour where the loudest applause will be reserved for the songs they recorded 20 years ago."

polyesterpants wrote: "You don't know Pearl Jam fans very well. We love every song but would rather hear deep album cuts, rarely played songs or brand new ones."

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