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The Rolling Stones are expected to play to over 150,000 people at the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm on Saturday (June 29th). The NME quoted Keith Richards as saying, "It's almost as if you were destined to play Glastonbury. There were many years we were offered it and turned it down. I look upon it as the culmination of our British heritage. It had to be done and it's gonna be done. We'll see what happens." The Glastonbury show will be the first outdoor concert of the Stones' 2012-2013 50 & Counting Tour shows.


Mick Jagger added that the massive festival gig will be a bit of a family affair for him: "All my kids are going to be there so I'm going to be visiting them in the days before the actual show and they've got all sorts of activities lined up for me to do. My brother lives in Glastonbury too."

  • Jagger told Radio Times that performing in a large open space is a different gig altogether from rocking arenas and stadiums: "Festivals are great to be at, but not always the easiest things to play. You've got to try and make sure that first number really cooks. . . That first number's got to be something you're super-confident with. It's no good doing a slightly unknown number that the audience isn't gonna deal with.'
  • He went on to talk about the differences in how he and Richards plan the Stones' shows, explaining, "I like to be a bit more open-minded about things. I think Keith sees the Rolling Stones as very much a conservative rock band. As he's got older his ideas have become more conservative."
  • Mick Jagger says that keeping a balance between being professional and being cool is a tricky fence to sit on when performing live in concert: "When you have an audience that's seen everything, then you have to work a lot harder. But if you work too hard, then it looks ridiculous, so (laughs) you have to time it right."
  • Although Jagger will be turning 70 next month, that doesn't mean that he pulls any punches or holds anything back once he hits the stage: "Listen, when you do at 19, you do things you can't (laughs) do at my age. But I still try to make the show as (laughs) energetic as I can make it."
  • Keith Richards was asked if after all these years he gets nervous just before jumping on stage: "No -- but there is. . . it depends what you mean by nerves. I mean, some people (get) nerves, or butterflies -- no, that don't come into it. But there is at the same time a sense of excitement. You really, gotta, like, fly. Y'know, that's what you try and do, y'know; and I got some fliers in this band."


  • The Rolling Stones, along with many of the other major acts performing at Glastonbury, will donate their shoes to the Small Steps Project, "whose mission is to deliver shoes, aid and medical care to children surviving on rubbish dumps all over the world."

CHECK IT OUT: The Stones on May 5th, 2013 performing "Live With Me" live in Oakland, CA:


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