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Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor took to the airwaves of Los Angeles radio station KROQ on Monday (June 24th) to discuss the upcoming NIN album, Hesitation Marks, the group's return and the recent departures of guitarist Adrian Belew and bassist Eric Avery from the lineup after just a few months. Reznor said about the latter, "It's been disruptive . . . you can spend a lot of time, like I've done, hypothesizing and imagining and projecting as to what it's going to be like with this chemistry and this recipe of people in a room playing music. And in reality, it rarely is that."


He added, "In the case of a couple people in the band some switches were made and it's turned into something different . . . It's felt a wrench in the works at time, but at the same time it's made me rethink a lot of how we put this together and I think where we're ending up at a place that's much truer to where Nine Inch Nails should be and better in the long run."

  • Asked why he kept the recording of Hesitation Marks a secret for a year, Reznor responded, "I still owe Interscope a greatest hits record. There was talk about doing a couple new tracks for the compilation under the NIN header . . . I started tinkering with a couple songs for Nine Inch Nails. I felt inspired by what's happening. A couple songs led to a couple more songs and pretty soon it was a full-fledged, 'let's make an album.'"
  • Reznor described Hesitation Marks as "much more electronic," although he added that the first single, "Came Back Haunted," is "familiar, it's very self-referential and purposely. I think that's the most like that there is on that record."
  • A video for "Came Back Haunted," directed by filmmaker David Lynch, could surface by the end of this week.
  • Hesitation Marks, the first NIN album since 2008's The Slip, will arrive on September 3rd. The album features guest appearances from Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and The Who touring bassist Pino Palladino.
  • Nine Inch Nails has confirmed a lengthy North American tour for the fall, beginning on September 28th in St. Paul, Minnesota. The band will make its live return on July 26th at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.


  • Do you feel like Reznor was being vague about the lineup changes, whatever his reasons?
  • Does it matter to you who is in NIN, as long as it's Reznor up front?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Rolling Stone -- agree or not?

Hayes wrote: "Too bad about Belew and Avery - I saw Avery play with Jane's Addiction during the NIN/JA tour and he was fantastic. in some ways it's kind of a shame that the current live band is shaping up to be more and more similar to the Lights in the Sky era."

whaa!! wrote: "same ole same ole... to bad TR couldn't see the end result. he just caved in to familiar well worn security. its like a thumb sucking kid clinging to his mothers leg."

Graham wrote: "Adrian Belew is 63 years old. I'm not sure that that he would be up to the massive touring that NIN is planning on doing. His departure, although disappointing, isn't a huge shocker to me, especially once the tour dates were announced. Eric Avery though just seems to have commitment issues. The guy was in and out of Jane's Addiction at least twice (officially)."

LihimSidhe wrote: "nin has been my favorite musical act for over a decade. however, the newest single - 'come back haunted' - how do i say this? it was a let down to such an extent that i felt bad for disliking it so much."

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