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Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted was knocked off stage by an overzealous fan during his band Newsted's gig in New York City on Tuesday night (May 21st). According to Metal Insider, the group was halfway through a cover of Metallica's "Whiplash" at the Highline Ballroom when the fan jumped onstage, appeared to attempt a stage dive, and ran into Newsted from behind, sending them both five feet down into the audience. The crowd surrounded the fan as security personnel swarmed over him and escorted him from the venue.

  • A visibly disoriented Newsted returned to the stage and told the crowd, "You know, no matter how many shows I've done, that just happened for the first time . . . Anyone get a good look at that motherf***er? Don't kill him, just bruise him up a bit.'"
  • A fan at the show filmed the incident and posted it on YouTube. He later met Newsted and showed him the footage, with the bass player himself suggesting that the fan post the clip online.
  • Newsted concluded its first-ever U.S. tour on Thursday night (May 23rd) in Asbury Park, New Jersey, with the band headed overseas for European festival shows.
  • The group, which also included Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, released its debut EP earlier this year and will issue its first full-length album later in 2013.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the footage of Jason being pushed off the stage (around the 3:08 mark):

JUST OUR OPINION: This is scary. If Jason fell at a slightly different angle, he could have been very seriously injured. And nine years after "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott was shot to death onstage in Columbus, Ohio, it's not cool that someone can still get up there so easily. Thankfully this wasn't as bad as it could have been. And hopefully that jackass will not be allowed back at a show anytime soon.

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

obscured by clouds wrote: "WTF is wrong with this f***er, we need to start a list of these f***heads."

motley wrote: "man what a dumb ass fan...i dont get why some people are like this instead of just enjoying they show."

rando wrote: "Automatic forcible ejection from the venue is the only solution to this idiocy."

canucksfan wrote: "bands need to start playing behind a cage with riot cops as security."

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