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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is at the Cannes Film Festival in France, where he has done a couple of video interviews to talk about the band's movie, Metallica Through The Never, which is due for release this fall. Ulrich is at the festival to help sell the film to international distributors. We asked Metallica frontman James Hetfield about Ulrich's trip to Cannes as well as the status of the movie itself: "Lars is there right now, and he's the biggest of all movie buffs in this group here for sure, so he's representing us over there right now. Film is not done; we're extremely close. There's editing, sounds, mixing, things like that that have to happen. It's pretty complex."


  • It is not clear whether buyers at Cannes will see an unfinished version of the movie or just selected clips or scenes from the IMAX 3D release.
  • Metallica Through The Never will open on IMAX screens in the U.S. on September 27th, with a wider release following on October 4th.
  • The movie stars Dane DeHaan has a member of the band's road crew who is sent on a mysterious mission while the group headlines a concert at an arena. The film is said to mix a conventional storyline with concert footage.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Ulrich's interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

Here he speaks with a French outlet:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

MotorFrost wrote: "something tells me the movie premiere is going to be shown on Lars' forehead...JEZZUS CRIPES that forehead is MASSIVE!!!!"

adsngigs wrote: "rather see them put their energy towards a new album, but what can you do. interested in seeing how this movie turns out. i take it as pure entertainment, see what happens."

ryan05 wrote: "Metallica rules. Period."

Jack Tripper wrote: "True. When a band has ruled in the past, whatever they do in the present can not and will not take that away from them. Notice how Lulu is pretty much forgotten these days."

Metallica's James Hetfield On Cannes And The Movie's Status

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