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Less than a week after being arrested on warrants stemming from his 2012 cocaine possession case, Puddle Of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has been arrested again -- this time on charges of domestic violence. According to TMZ, Scantlin became physically abusive with his ex-wife Jessicaat a business in West Hollywood on Monday afternoon (May 13th), shaking her and trying to drag her by her shirt.


Witnesses called the police and Scantlin was hauled off in custody. He was still behind bars at press time with bail set at $20,000. Scantlin was said to be extremely uncooperative during his arrest, with one source calling him "mouthy."

  • Scantlin was stopped for speeding on May 7th and was booked by Hollywood police after they ran his information and found two outstanding warrants for his arrest -- one for driving with a suspended license and the other related to his January 2012 cocaine possession bust. He was released on bail later that night.
  • The rocker last made news in February, when Jessica claimed that he stole her car. It was returned hours later although Scantlin's manager denied that the singer took it.
  • After pleading guilty last summer to the cocaine charge, Scantlin was ordered into a drug counseling program and told he would have the possession charge against him dropped if he completed the program within 18 months.
  • He was also charged with public intoxication last year after being thrown off a Jet Blue flight from Boston to Los Angeles, although the judge in the case ruled that there was "insufficient evidence" to prosecute the singer.
  • Wes has also had problems with back tax payments in addition to last year's ugly divorce battle with Jessica.

JUST OUR OPINION: Wow. This man seems to be hell-bent on a path that will lead him, if not to outright self-destruction, then certainly to a long stint in prison if he keeps escalating his behavior. We're not fans, but it's ultimately sad to watch a tragedy like this unfold in slow-motion. Isn't there anyone, family or friends, who can get to him and get him the help he needs?

INTERNET COMMENTS at TMZ -- agree or not?

Celticone wrote: "LOSER.. one of the biggest losers EVER!"

Lucy wrote: "He has legal problems from his cocaine use, and he beats women. His songs 'She Hates Me' and 'Blurry' pretty much say it all."

Joaq wrote: "This idiot is really making it tough for the California Celebrity Courts to cut him a break--the cocaine charges they can fudge but beating the crap IN FRONT OF WITNESSES puts a wrinkle in how they'll have to twist (ignore) the 'law'... but no worries, I'm certain they have a plan---but it'll cost him to wiggle out of this one too."

Jamey Hunter wrote: "Sounds like dude has some serious issues."

Common Sense wrote: "This trashbag needs mandatory jail and rehab. He's turning into another Charlie Sheen. And if she's smart she'll run as far away from him as she can."

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