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Stone Sour/Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor admits in a new chat with Noisecreep that he prefers Las Vegas, where he lives now, to Los Angeles, saying, "I've have a love/hate relationship with L.A. for a long time . . . There have been times where I've stayed there where I've had an absolutely great time. But there have been times where I've had to deal with people in the entertainment industry where I'm like, 'Are you real? Or are you just a character in some horrible movie?' Yeah, it gets weird like that there at times. All that said, I have a lot of great friends there and I still love visiting it."


Taylor moved to Vegas a little while back and told us why he chose to live in Sin City: "My wife's family all mainly live here, and we were looking for another place and it just made sense, you know. And it's a beautiful city, the people here are really, really great, and I've been doing more and more work here, so it just kind of made sense, you know."

  • Taylor will return to Los Angeles this Thursday (May 2nd), when he and Stone Sour perform at the fifth annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards. The band is also up for three prizes at the event, in the categories of Album of the Year, Best Vocalist and Best Drummer.
  • Taylor said about the show, "I think the Grammys have spent so much time ignoring heavy metal that we all said, 'screw it,' and started our own awards show."
  • The Golden Gods Awards will also feature performances and/or appearances from Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm, Gene Simmons, Lemmy Kilmister, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Jason Newsted, Munky and Brian "Head" Welch of Korn, David Draiman and more.
  • Stone Sour has been on the Road To The Golden Gods tour for this past month with In This Moment. Following the awards show, Stone Sour will play a handful of U.S. festival dates before heading to Japan for that country's first-ever Ozzfest on May 12th, followed by a month-long European festival run in June.

JUST OUR OPINION: We're not major fans of Los Angeles, and maybe we haven't spent enough time in Las Vegas, but the latter city seems like the capital of artifice to us -- everything there is fake and created solely around the tourism/gambling trade. Yet Corey Taylor doesn't find it just as sketchy as L.A.? Okay...


  • Have you ever been to either Los Angeles, Las Vegas or both? Which do you prefer?
  • Do you think it would be fun to live in Vegas year-round, or would it be hard to not get distracted by everything there?
  • Do you like the city or town you live in now? Do you have a dream place you would love to live someday?

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the official animated video for Stone Sour's "Do Me A Favor" from House Of Gold And Bones, Part 2:

Stone Sour's Corey Taylor On Living In Las Vegas

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