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Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett told the United Arab Emirates' that the band hopes to release its next album in 2014, but that actually making headway on the project is "a pretty slow process." Although band members have said in other interviews that they're aiming for the follow-up to 2008's Death Magnetic to come out next year, Hammett explained, "That's what we're hoping would happen. Whether that's a reality, we'll see. We're recording stuff here and there, but it's a pretty slow process."


Drummer Lars Ulrich told us that these days Metallica prefers to break up its time between projects instead of concentrating on just one: "If we had to sit there and, 'Okay, boys, now you write for the rest of the year and then you spend the next year after that recording' -- I would pull what seven hairs I have left, I'd pull those out and rather just stab myself in the eye with nails or whatever. I just, I couldn't do it. I mean, we love the position that we're in to be able to come and go between all these different projects. That's what keeps us alive."

  • Hammett also said that Metallica's upcoming 3D feature film, Metallica: Through The Never, is "kind of taking precedent over anything else at the moment. We want to make sure that this movie gets our full attention and it turns out the way we want it to turn out."
  • He added, "From the footage we've seen, it looks pretty amazing. It is a trip seeing yourself in 3D, that's for sure! Actually, it's a trip seeing yourself on a 25-feet cinema screen to begin with. The 3D aspect makes it all that much intense."
  • Metallica: Through The Never is due out on August 9th.
  • Next up for the band is the second edition of its annual Orion Music + More festival, which is scheduled to take place on June 8th and 9th in Detroit.


  • Are Metallica just dragging their heels on making a new record?
  • Do you think six or seven years is just too long between albums, despite the band saying that they're enjoying working on other things as well?
  • Should they forget about festivals and movies and just concentrate on making new music, or do you agree that they should do whatever makes them happy?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

Rich P Baskerville wrote: "I think I speak for most fans if not all that we would rather have a new album then a stupid 3D movie..."

Shahin Bakhshi wrote: "Dude, you hope you put it out on 2014? so 2015 is a possibility too? You know that it`s getting close to a decade since the last record, don`t you?"

Andrei Poleshchuk wrote: "Metallica needs to quit f***ing around. seriously It takes you 5 years to come out with another album?!? What gives???"

Josh Ian Collins wrote: "F*** the 3DMOVIE WE WANT A NEW ALBUM."

Ace96 wrote: "Sounds like they're forcing themselves to write music. Not that I have very high expectations at this point anyway."

Lars Ulrich On Metallica Taking Its Time To Record

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