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Tuesday (April 9th) is a huge day for new rock albums, with no less than five major releases arriving. In addition to the debut disc from Device and the fifth album from Volbeat, top of the heavy rock list is Stone Sour's House Of Gold And Bones, Part 2, the second half of a two-record conceptual project based on a short story by singer Corey Taylor. Taylor told us how the band was able to sell the idea to its fans: "There was no bluster on our end, you know. I mean, we really kind of came out and was like, 'This is what we're doing and it's, you know, in our opinion the best s*** that we've ever written,' and we went out and we backed it up. We didn't try to be too pretentious, you know. I mean, it's like it's still music that you can kind of relate to."


  • A four-issue comic book series adapted from Taylor's story will come out this spring, with the first issue arriving on shelves on April 17th.
  • Stone Sour and In This Moment are currently on the first-ever Road To The Golden Gods tour, which will lead up to the Golden Gods Awards on May 2nd in Los Angeles. The trek stops in Wallingford, Connecticut on Tuesday night.

Paramore's self-titled fourth album also arrives on Tuesday. The follow-up to 2009's Brand New Eyes is the first without founding members Josh and Zac Farro, who left the group in December 2010 under less than amicable circumstances. Singer Hayley Williams took to Twitter on Monday (April 8th) to voice her feelings about the release, saying, "Our 4th album will officially be out this time tomorrow. Getting weirdly emotional about it. Probably just because it feels like the most important thing I've ever been a part of... But whatever."

  • Williams admitted to Rolling Stone earlier this year that the band could have come to an end following the Farros' departure.
  • The core lineup of the band is now Williams, guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis, with York's brother Justin also on guitar, Jon Howard on keyboards and Ilan Rubin on drums for touring purposes.
  • Paramore will hit the road this spring for a series of shows beginning on April 25th in Houston.

Finally, Drowning Pool issues its fifth studio album, Resilience, on Tuesday. The disc marks the debut of the band's fourth vocalist, Jasen Moreno, who replaced frontman Ryan McCombs in early 2012. Guitarist C.J. Pierce told Billboard recently that the band has known Moreno since the late '90s, saying, "He's been that guy on the scene; he was always great but never got his shot."

  • Pierce also said the record "has the staple Drowning Pool sound . . . It's definitely more of a heavy record than we've done before, though."
  • Drowning Pool is currently on the road in Europe through the end of the month, but will be back home to start hitting summer festivals in late May.

CHECK IT OUT: Stream the entire Drowning Pool album here:

LISTENERS' POLL: Which album(s) are you picking up this week: Stone Sour, Paramore, Drowning Pool, Volbeat or Device?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Loudwire on Drowning Pool -- agree or not?

Jowel Pagan wrote: "Love this new album! please come to Puerto Rico!!!"

Jon Hatfield wrote: "Really liking the album! Great work guys!"

Anthony Tattoli wrote: "I saw them a month ago and the new singer fits them great if you ask me. He sounds the closest to Dave Williams but also sounds just as good on songs by the other two singers."

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