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  • Blabbermouth reports DISTURBED/DEVICE frontman David Draiman contributed "vocal/singing help" on two tracks that will appear on the new MEGADETH album, "Super Collider": "Forget To Remember" and "Dance In The Rain". In addition, Draiman makes a guest appearance on the latter song, with Mustaine stating about the track, "It sounds amazing!"  Draiman recently stated about his collaboration with MEGADETH: "I had the distinct honor and privilege of working with the legendary Mr. Dave Mustaine on a few songs for the new MEGADETH record."  In an interview with the "Shockwaves"/"HardRadio" podcast, Mustaine stated about how the "Dance In The Rain" song came together: "When I first started MEGADETH, I'd come back from New York [after getting fired from METALLICA], and I was pretty pissed and I didn't know if I wanted to keep playing music, I didn't know if I could, I didn't know if I should, but something inside of me was driving me. Later I identified it as revenge, but at the time, I thought it was just anger. And there was a guy that met when I first put together the band. Whether it was called MEGADETH in the beginning or not has no relevance; the band, I started it when I first came back. That was the beginning of MEGADETH. I met this guy, this nutty guy named Robbie… I don't know what his last name was. So anyway… He was playing these really weird chords that I used in the song 'Looking Down The Cross'. And I was always really interested in those chords. And I was kind of goofing around a little bit and came up with the progression that ended up being the embodiment of the verses for 'Dance In The Rain'. And the funny thing about this song was I had asked David Draiman from DISTURBED.. We did some tour dates together and an opportunity came up for us to kind of collaborate on some stuff. And he came out and we kind of goofed around a little bit. We didn't really end up doing a lot of stuff together, but there's a couple of little tidbits of ideas that he gave me that we're using on this record. We'd gone out to Pei Wei to go have lunch. We were done with our stuff and he [went] back to the airport. I've got a really bad sweet tooth, so I grabbed a fistful of fortune cookies. I grabbed a fortune cookie and I threw the fortune down, I grabbed another one, and I threw the fortune down. And I picked them up in the reverse order that I opened them [in]. This was really important, 'cause the one I picked up first was actually the second one I opened, and that one said, 'Learn to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun.' Something like that. And the first one said, 'An unexpected random gift is coming to you immediately.' So if I would have opened it right, it would have said, 'An unexpected gift is coming to you. Learn to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun.' And I was, like, 'Oh my God! That is so cool.' I don't believe in luck and all that stuff — I believe things happen for a reason — but I've gotta tell you, man [laughs] — I sure believe in that fortune cookie."  "Super Collider" is scheduled for a June 4 release via Mustaine's new label, Tradecraft, which is distributed by Universal Music Enterprises(UMe). Horn player Bob Findley — who previously appeared on the track "Silent Scorn" from MEGADETH's 2001 CD, "The World Needs A Hero" — is a featured guest on the song "A House Divided" on the new album. Other tracks set to appear on the effort include "The Blackest Crow", "Super Collider", "Burn" and "King Maker""Super Collider" is MEGADETH's first release since its recent split with Roadrunner Records.


  • Blabbermouth reports San Francisco Bay Area metallers MACHINE HEAD will perform at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip on Wednesday, August 7. They will take the Buffalo Chip's stage following MASTODON during the 2013 Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota. Visit for summer music festival information and campground admission passes.  "MACHINE HEAD is nothing short of exhilarating," said Rod Woodruff of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. "Unparalleled in performance, originality and energy, MACHINE HEAD is clearly at the top of their game and will be perfect for hard rock lovers at the Chip."  The 32nd annual Sturgis Buffalo Chip motorcycle and music festival takes place August 2-11 during the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. The summer music festival lineup already includes KID ROCK, TOBY KEITH, ZZ TOP, HALESTORM, BRANTLEY GILBERT, QUEENSRŸCHE and SUBLIME WITH ROME. More bands will be announced soon.  MACHINE HEAD in February parted ways with bassist Adam Duce. The band's guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn explained in an online posting: "We may have fired Adam on [February 11], but Adam quit MACHINE HEAD well over a decade ago. He just never bothered to tell anyone… but we all knew it." A replacement bassist has not yet been announced.  MACHINE HEAD's most recent studio album, "Unto The Locust", sold more than 17,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 22 on The Billboard 200 chart — putting MACHINE HEAD in the Top 25 for the first time in the band's 17-year history.


  • Blabbermouth reports SOULFLY has tapped Terry Date (PANTERA, SOUNDGARDEN, DEFTONES) to produce the band's next studio album, tentatively due before the end of the year via an as-yet-undetermined record label.  Date previously mixed SOULFLY's "3" (2002), "Prophecy" (2004) and "Dark Ages" (2005) albums, but has never produced any of the group's CDs.  SOULFLY's forthcoming album will the follow-up to last year's "Enslaved", which found the band's mainman, Max Cavalera, getting in touch with his most extreme tastes.  "['Enslaved'] is definitely influenced by deathcore, death metal, and everything from old bands I listened to [like] ENTOMBED, NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, to new bands like I DECLARE WAR, MOLOTOV SOLUTION, IMPENDING DOOM . . . Because I like a lot of these new bands, too," Max tells the Phoenix New Times.  In addition, Cavalera is working on his autobiography called "A Boy From Brazil", for release later this year. The book is being written by British rock author Joel McIver, whose 20 books to date include "Justice for All: The Truth About Metallica", "Crazy Train: The High Life And Tragic Death Of Randy Rhoads" and "Glenn Hughes: The Autobiography". The book's foreword will be written by Dave Grohl (FOO FIGHTERS, ex-NIRVANA).  Although Max will not have time to release a new album from his CAVALERA CONSPIRACY project — which also features his brother, drummer Igor Cavalera — this year, there's tentative talk of doing a dubstep/reggae/EDM remix record of CAVALERA CONSPIRACY songs, an idea Igor is especially keen on.  CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's sophomore album, 2011's "Blunt Force Trauma", sold around 5,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 122 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's debut CD, "Inflikted", opened with 9,000 units to enter the chart at No. 72.


  • Blabbermouth reports Rock Meeting conducted an interview with former WHITE LION singer Mike Tramp after his March 19 solo performance at Rocher de Palmer in Bordeaux, France. You can now watch the chat below.  Asked about the possibility of a WHITE LION reunion with the band's original guitarist, Vito Bratta, Tramp said: "The thing that has been difficult is that when you always have to answer a question that [Vito] should be [answering]. And the thing is that the answer is no. Because he is not gonna get back up on stage and play music. Number two, I don't want to do WHITE LION no more. I didn't wanna do WHITE LION after the band broke up, because the sound of WHITE LION represents who Mike Tramp was at that time. Even though I am out now playing some acoustic versions of WHITE LION songs, it's different [because] I'm a completely different person. I would not say 'no' if Vito called me up and [wanted to] do a project or something like [Jimmy] Page and [Robert] Plant and they do something different. But the second you call it WHITE LION, you want Mike Tramp to sound like he was in 1987, and I can't be like that… We have our times. There are some artists who don't understand that; they keep trying to be the same. But you do change as you grow older."  Tramp will release new solo album, "Cobblestone Street", in North America on May 7 via Deadline Music, a subsidiary of Cleopatra Records. The effort will be made available in Europe on April 8 via Target Records in the following formats: CD, limited digipack CD (with two bonus tracks), LP and digitally.  "Cobblestone Street" is a departure from the sound that most people would expect from a singer that has been around since WHITE LION crashed on to the hard rock scene in the '80s. Rock fans have gotten to know Mike Tramp as a legit rock singer and frontman that looked like he was born to be just that. Therefore many might find it surprising that Tramp's roots and musical upbringing lie deeply buried in folk music.  Heavily influenced by fellow Danish artists with acoustic guitars and international stars like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, Tramp says that all of his songs through 35 years on the music stage, have always come from sitting with the old faithful acoustic guitar playing and singing. That WHITE LION songs like "When the Children Cry", "Broken Heart" and "Wait", and FREAK OF NATURE's "Rescue Me" later have ended up as epic rock classics is just a question of arranging them in that way with the band in the rehearsal room, but all songs have always been fit to play around the campfire or in the back of a shady bar.


  • Blabbermouth reports Polish extreme metallers HATE have released the following statement: "[During the] night [of] April 5-6 near the German town of Munchberg, our friend, best comrade and longtime bass player unexpectedly passed away. After the show in Stuttgart last night, he went to sleep and never woke up. We found him lifeless early in the morning and immediately called an ambulance. He was reanimated, but to no avail. Results of Slawek's (Slawomir 'Mortifer' Archangielskij) autopsy should be known soon. In this situation, we decided to cancel the remaining shows and return home. We gave detailed testimonies to the German police. We are shocked and shattered by his sudden, unexpected death. We mourn together with Slawek's family and friends."  Archangielskij joined HATE in January 2007 and appeared on 2010's "Erebos" and 2013's "Solarflesh" albums.  "Alchemy Of Blood", the latest video from HATE, can be seen below. The track comes off "Solarflesh", which was released in North America on February 5 via Napalm Records. The follow-up to 2010's "Erebos" was recorded at Sound Division Studio in Warsaw with Filip "Heinrich" Halucha (VESANIA, DECAPITATED) and Arek "Malta" Malczewski (BEHEMOTH's sound guy). The effort was mixed at Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland with producers Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski (DECAPITATED, VADER).  Read more at Loudwire and Noisecreep  Check out one of the last performances fro Mortifer at Blabbermouth


  • Blabbermouth reports last night's (Friday, April 5) VISION DIVINE concert in Guatemala was reportedly canceled after violence broke out between the police and unruly fans, resulting in the shooting of a local heavy metal musician. Details are sketchy at the moment, but it appears that police were called after several drunken fans started trouble outside the venue. Two shots were reportedly fired, with one of them hitting Cristian Arevalo, a guitarist for the Guatemalan band NOVA EPICA, who was apparently not involved in the dispute.  A statement on the NOVA EPICA Facebook page reads as follows: "It is unfortunate that musicians can fall victims to violence in this country. Yesterday at the concert of VISION DIVINE, unknown people were firing outside the event, and, unfortunately, those bullets were able to penetrate the gate and injure our brother and guitarist, Cristian, who is in a very delicate state. We are praying that he will be able to it get through this. Cristian is an excellent person, and we are all comforted by the knowledge that he is a fighter and that he will succeed. We also hope that the authorities of this country will not let the responislbe parties go unpunished."  VISION DIVINE said in a statement: "We just arrived in Mexico, after having left Guatemala.  "As some of you have probably already heard, we stopped the show in Guatemala 'cause a fan got shot during the concert (still we're not 100% sure about the facts).  "We have no words to comment what just happened... All we can say is that we're close to the family of the guy and that we feel sorry for all the people of Guatemala and the producers of Hominis Nocturna. There's nothing else we feel like commenting, for the moment.  "Thank you for understanding."  VISION DIVINE is touring in support of its seventh studio album, "Destination Set To Nowhere", which was released on September 14, 2012 via Germany's earMUSIC, the Hamburg, Germany-based rock branch of Edel Group.


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