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A Facebook page that has been petitioning for two years to get Slipknot invited to perform on NBC's Saturday Night Live has been endorsed by band members Corey Taylor and Shawn "Clown" Crahan, while also gaining 9,000 likes on the social networking site. Slipknot has never appeared on the long-running late-night skit comedy show, despite being the musical guests on other programs like The Tonight Show, Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live!.


The petition's founder, Chad Cheifer, told Loudwire, "I'm a big SNL fan and love watching the show, but their choices of musical guests the past couple of years seem to be very redundant. It seems as if SNL has been playing it safe and having the 'flavor of the week' perform on the show. It would be nice to see more diversity in their choice of musical guests. I know that Slipknot would put on one of the most electrifying and exciting performances the show has ever seen."

  • Cheifer said he was inspired to start the petition after he heard Crahan say in an interview that performing on SNL was one of the goals he had yet to accomplish in his career.
  • Crahan joined the Facebook campaign about six months after Cheifer started it, with the latter noting that this is still the only fan-created Facebook page that Crahan has joined.
  • Taylor later endorsed the campaign by posting an item about it on his Twitter account.
  • Slipknot is expected to begin work on a new album sometime next year.

CHECK IT OUT: Join the "Slipknot for SNL" campaign at


  • Do you ever watch Saturday Night Live? Does anyone even care about this show anymore?
  • Having said that, would you still like to see Slipknot perform on it? Why or why not?
  • Are there any other acts you would tune in to see on the program? Is the value of appearing on there vastly overrated?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Loudwire -- agree or not?

Tim Stever wrote: "SNL died a long time ago."

Aaron wrote: "If they want to do it, then by all means do it. It has the potential to introduce non-metal listeners to metal and could be a valuable addition for the show. If SNL has the potential to introduce more people to heavy metal, than I am all for it."

Andrew Sandoval wrote: "Why haven't SNL just put Slipknot on? It wouldn't hurt them in anyway because hardly anybody watches SNL anymore because of how dull and bland it has gotten. I support Slipknot and I really hope they get on! They could do much better, but I do hope they get on."

Purity Prosthetic wrote: "I HATE SNL....It was awesome when Chris Farley, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler were on it."

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