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The Rolling Stones will headline Britain's sold out Glastonbury festival on June 29th. The band announced the concert on the festival's Pyramid stage on their official website, as being part of its "50 & Counting celebrations." Mick Jagger tweeted: "Can't wait to play Glastonbury. I have my wellies and my yurt!" with Keith Richards adding: "We all had such a ball last year, and the energy between the band is so good. We can't wait to play Glastonbury, see you on a summer's day in England!"


Mick Jagger explained what needs to be taken into account when playing a stadium-type show: "Really, when you go to a big, uh, stadium show, the people that go -- the punters, as we call them -- are not really just going to hear some pristine music. It's just sort of all-'round experience. It's halfway between going to a football match and, y'know, a music show. So, it's. . . You're really looking for -- you want something to enhance the experience visually, to amplify and enhance the experience. Musicians think that's all that people want, but, I mean, I don't take their view."

  • Noted rock biographer Phillip Norman has recently published his new 640-page book on Mick Jagger, titled, Mick. Norman told us that apart from anything else, Jagger is singlehandedly responsible for creating the role of the modern rock frontman: "The Stones were the people who sort of wrote the book for modern rock culture. Jagger was the prototype of the man who stands in front of the band -- doesn't play guitar. His body movements become another instrument. Anyone else who came after him, they may have sounded very different -- the way they sang; their whole persona might've been different, but when it came to moving around, they had no way other to move than the way Jagger moved. And that is why I think he is just the founder of a species."


  • The Rolling Stones' upcoming 18-date North American tour in May and June will be promoted by AEG Live. No dates have been announced for the two-month tour, but the Stones will play major cities with several multi-night stands during the run. AEG takes over the band's concert promotion from Virgin Live, which handled the Stones' 2012 dates.
  • The Stones have been known to follow the best deal regardless of long-running relationships with promoters. Despite having a longstanding relationship with Bill Graham, who promoted the band's 1981 North American tour, in 1989 the band went with promoter Michael Cohl, who served as the band's promoter until parting ways with Live Nation in 2008.

CHECK IT OUT: The Rolling Stones in 1972 performing "Hip Shake" in Montreux:

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