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With Metallica frontman James Hetfield recently telling an Australian rock station that "gigs keep popping up" which delay work on the group's next album, we asked drummer Lars Ulrich for his take on the band's more leisurely approach to recording: "There'll be a new record and we certainly never want to turn into a nostalgia band, but at the same time, you've got to keep yourself, I guess, creatively alive and that's what we do by playing these gigs and doing all these other projects and doing movies and festivals. I mean, it's just, all that stuff's a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of time, you know."

  • While Metallica was down under performing at the Soundwave Festival, Hetfield told radio station Triple M, "We're trying to write (new material), but gigs keep popping up that are too exciting to stay home for. We have lots of material (we've been) working on from the day (2008 album) Death Magnetic ended all the way up until now."
  • Asked what the new material sounds like, Hetfield told Triple M, "I don't know where it's going yet but we've got lots of different sounds, different styles."
  • Metallica will headline its second annual Orion Music + More festival this June in Detroit, and plans to release a theatrical 3D movie called Metallica: Through The Never on August 9th.


  • Do you agree that Metallica should take its time and do what it wants to keep the band members happy and creatively satisfied?
  • Or would you like to see the timetable moved up and more than just one record every five or six years?
  • Does waiting longer for a new record by any band increase or decrease your anticipation for it?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Ultimate Classic Rock -- agree or not?

Fred McNamara wrote: "My unborn kids will probably be sorting out my funeral by the time these guys release a new album."

Analytical wrote: "Looking forward to their next album, hoping it comes around soon, but I do understand that they have a very packed schedule."

Lars Ulrich Says There's No Rush On The Next Metallica Record

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