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  • Blabbermouth reports Trystan MacDonald of Lithium Magazine recently conducted an interview with DISTURBED/DEVICE frontman David Draiman. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.  On how supportive DISTURBED fans have been in helping him launch DEVICE:  "I think I've always been able to count on the fans for support… I've never questioned that for a minute. Truth be told, if the proof wasn't in the pudding, it wouldn't happen. To a certain extent, I have their trust, and I cherish that, but eventually the music is going to have to live up to the hype."  On DEVICE's first single, "Vilify", which was released to the public on February 19:  "It's one of the biggest songs on the record [and] it has a stylistic bridge, if you will. I figure 'Vilify' is the perfect song to bridge people from DISTURBED into DEVICE. There is the familiarity of my melodic vocal delivery and there is the electronic element which is much more prevalent in DEVICE."  On how much creative control he had over the "Vilify" video:  "I stay away from that completely. Pretty much, ever since the 'Prayer' video, I never really get too involved in that too much. I got burnt pretty hard when MTV decided to ban the video I co-directed. Ever since then, I think, 'That way it's not my fault, it's somebody else's fault. I didn't write it!' [laughs] I'm still involved as an artist, but I'm not the guy who comes up with the ideas anymore. For DEVICE, in the future I may do it, but for DISTURBED, I don't want to do it."  Read the entire interview from Lithium Magazine.

    "Inside Device":

    "Vilify" video:


  • Blabbermouth reports "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor", the eagerly awaited new album from ROB ZOMBIE, will be released on April 23 on Zodiac Swan/T-Boy/Ume. The CD was produced by Bob Marlette, who has previously worked with everyone from BLACK SABBATH and ALICE COOPER to WILSON PHILLIPS and LYNYRD SKYNYRD.  Asked what the story is behing the album's title, Rob told Revolver magazine: "There's no real story behind it. I just thought of it one day. With every album I've ever made, we'll get it basically one hundred percent done and everyone will go, 'OK, what's the title?' And I'm like, 'I don't know what the fuckin' title is yet. It hasn't hit me.' And then one day I'll just blurt out, 'La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1!' or 'Hellbilly Deluxe!' It's the same with this one. I have it written down somewhere, but I don't remember doing it."  He added: "Truthfully, the whole record was conceived as a concept album. But I'm not really selling it that way. I was getting obsessed watching things like 'Tommy', 'The Wall', 'Quadrophenia', where you have a movie to go with the album and it's a whole big concept. So I thought I'd write this album with that in mind: That maybe one day — it could be a year, it could be 10 years — I could turn the concept of this record into a movie. That being said, nothing about the concept of the record will make any sense to anyone until it's a movie. The band doesn't even know the storyline. No one does, except me. But I won't discuss it because it'll all make sense someday. Or it won't. [laughs] lt doesn't matter. The songs work fine even if you don't know the concept."  Regarding his decision to include a a heavy-duty cover of GRAND FUNK RAILROAD's "We're An American Band" on "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor", Rob said: "I've never recorded a cover song as a solo artist, and I only recorded a few with WHITE ZOMBIE [KISS' 'God Of Thunder', BLACK SABBATH's 'Children Of The Grave' and KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND's 'I'm Your Boogie Man']. But you always wanna add new songs into your live show, so [Zombie's guitarist] John 5 and I would always sit in the back of the bus listening to stuff we could cover, but it was always like, 'Nah, that one's not right.' Cover songs are tricky. You gotta find just the right one. 'We're An American Band' hit us because it just felt so much like our life. We're a quintessential American band — everything that's right or wrong in Americana in one band. It wasn't like we were trying to say anything deep or meaningful. [laughs] It was just like, 'Yeah, we're in a rock band. Fuck you — it's awesome.'"
    "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor" track listing:
    01. Teenage Nosferatu Pussy 02. Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown 03. Revelation Revolution 04. Theme For The Rat Vendor 05. Gong Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga 06. Rock And Roll (In A Black Hole)
    07. Behold! The Pretty Filthy Creatures 08. White Trash Freaks 09. We're An American Band (GRAND FUNK RAILROAD cover) 10. Lucifer Rising 11. The Girl Who Loved The Monsters 12. Trade In Your Guns For A Coffin
    Zombie told The Pulse Of Radiowhat goals he set for himself in making the new album. "I wanted someone to hear it and go, 'Wow, I haven't heard that before,'" he said. "I wanted it to be just different. We really went out of our way with the sounds, so every song has a very different sound, a very different guitar sound, drum sound, just everything, where the sound, the actual sound becomes very important. You know, after all these years you want to still try to feel that you can break through new, creative areas in your own mind, and that's really what we're just trying to do, you know."


  • Blabbermouth reports the first in a series of video tour diaries from ADRENALINE MOB — the band featuring drummer Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER, AVENGED SEVENFOLD), SYMPHONY X frontman Russell Allen, guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando (SONIC STOMP) and DISTURBED bassist John Moyer — can be seen below (courtesy of Metal Nation Radio).  ADRENALINE MOB released "Covertá", an eight-track EP featuring cover versions of some of the group's favorite songs, on March 12. Longtime fans of Portnoy are aware of the multiple cover CDs he has released with DREAM THEATER and with Neal Morse. "Covertá" is the first CD of covers recorded by ADRENALINE MOB.

    "Covertá" track listing:

    01. High Wire (BADLANDS)
    02. Stand Up And Shout (DIO)
    03. Break on Through (THE DOORS)
    04. Romeo Delight (VAN HALEN)
    05. Barracuda (HEART)
    06. Kill The King (RAINBOW)
    07. The Lemon Song (LED ZEPPELIN)
    08. The Mob Rules (BLACK SABBATH)

    "Omertá" sold around 6,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 70 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was released in Europe on March 19, 2012 in Europe via Century Media Records and in the U.S. on March 13, 2012 through the newly formed Elm City Music in conjunction with EMI Label Services.  The 11-song effort — which was produced by ADRENALINE MOB and mixed by Jay Ruston, who has previously worked on ANTHRAX's "Worship Music" and STEEL PANTHER's "Balls Out" — includes a blistering reinterpretation of DURAN DURAN's classic "Come Undone" featuring guest vocals by Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM.  Fan-filmed video footage of ADRENALINE MOB performing on Wednesday, March 13 at Webster Hall in New York City can be seen below.  A review of the concert by Elliot Levin can be found at

    Tour diary:

    Performance (March 13 at Webster Hall in New York City):


  • Blabbermouth reports Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson of THIN LIZZY and BLACK STAR RIDERS have recorded a two-and-a-half-minute video message from the THIN LIZZY tour of Australia with KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE to offer an update on the debut BLACK STAR RIDERS album, "All Hell Breaks Loose". Check it out below.  BLACK STAR RIDERS — the new band formed by THIN LIZZY alumni Warwick (vocals), Scott Gorham (guitar), Johnson (guitar), Marco Mendoza (bass) with new addition Jimmy DeGrasso (ALICE COOPER, MEGADETH, DAVID LEE ROTH, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES) on drums — will release "All Hell Breaks Loose" via Nuclear Blast Entertainment on the following dates:

    * May 21 – Japan
    * May 22 - Sweden
    * May 24 - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Norway
    * May 27 - U.K., France, BeNeLux, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Greece
    * May 28 - U.S., Canada, Italy, South America

    About the origin of the album title, Warwick stated: "I was watching a documentary about World War II bombers and saw the name painted on the side of one of the aircraft. The name just resonated with me and it seem to encapsulate the turmoil that we, as a society, are currently experiencing. The past few years have been such a wild ride and now with the release of the album, it sounded like a bad-ass album title that summed up what BLACK STAR RIDERS is all about."  "All Hell Breaks Loose" was recorded and mixed by producer Kevin Shirley (LED ZEPPELIN, IRON MAIDEN, AEROSMITH, RUSH) at his The Cave studios in Malibu, California. Mastering duties were handled by Bob Ludwig (JIMI HENDRIX, RUSH, KISS, LED ZEPPELIN) at Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine.

    "All Hell Breaks Loose" track listing:

    01. All Hell Breaks Loose
    02. Bound For Glory
    03. Kingdom Of The Lost
    04. Bloodshot
    05. Kissin’ The Ground
    06. Hey Judas
    07. Hoodoo Voodoo
    08. Valley Of The Stones
    09. Someday Salvation
    10. Before The War
    11. Blues Ain't So Bad

    The album will be released as a standard CD and also as a special-edition digipak featuring a bonus track, "Right To Be Wrong", and a "making-of" DVD.  In October 2012, THIN LIZZY announced that they would not be recording new material under the THIN LIZZY monicker. The last incarnation of the band — Gorham, Brian Downey, Wharton, Warwick, Johnson and Mendoza — would be looking to form a new project.  According to a press release, Brian Downey decided to not become involved with BLACK STAR RIDERS because he didn't want to commit to the touring cycle a new album would entail and Darren Wharton wanted to concentrate on DARE and other music and film projects.


  • Blabbermouth reports legendary U.S. thrash metallers OVERKILL will release a very special limited tour edition of their latest album, "The Electric Age", in Europe on April 19 via Nuclear Blast Records. The limited 2CD tour edition will include the regular album as well as a four additional live tracks on a bonus CD, recorded at The Metro in Sidney, Australia on September 25, 2010.
    "The Electric Age" tour edition track listing:
    CD 1 - "The Electric Age"
    01. Come And Get It 02. Electric Rattlesnake 03. Wish You Were Dead 04. Black Daze 05. Save Yourself 06. Drop The Hammer Down 07. 21st Century Man 08. Old Wounds, New Scars 09. All Over But The Shouting 10. Good Night
    CD 2 - "Live from OZ" recorded in Sidney, Australia, (The Metro on September 25, 2010):
    01. Horrorscope 02. Long Time Dyin' 03. Necroshine 04. Walk Through Fire
    To order a copy, go to this locationOVERKILL was forced to drop off the "Dark Roots Of Thrash" tour with TESTAMENT last month due to singer Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth's bout with pneumonia.  OVERKILL's new album, "The Electric Age", sold 6,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 77 on The Billboard 200 chart.  OVERKILL's previous CD, "Ironbound", opened with 4,100 units to enter the chart at No. 192. The effort landed at No. 4 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.  "The Electric Age" was recorded and mixed at Gear Recording Studios in New Jersey, owned and operated by OVERKILL bassist D.D. VerniOVERKILL is Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (vocals), D.D. Verni (bass, backing vocals), Derek "The Skull" Tailer (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Dave Linsk (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Ron Lipnicki(drums).


  • Blabbermouth reports ICED EARTH guitarist/mainman Jon Schaffer — who celebrated his 45th birthday yesterday (Friday, March 15) — has posted the following message on the band's Facebook page:  "Hello friends!  "I want to thank you very much for the happy birthday wishes! Myself and the band are blessed to have fans like you guys.  "As you can see in the photo [below], Stu [Block, ICED EARTH singer] and I are about to chow on a very funny cake that friends and family made for me.  "We are in South America working on the songs for the next ICED EARTH studio album and hanging out with some very dear friends.  "The metal is most certainly flowing! You're going to love this next one!!!  "Best to you all, and thanks again!"  ICED EARTH's first officially filmed headline show, "Live In Ancient Kourion", will hit stores on April 15 in Europe and April 16 in North America via Century Media. This incredibly powerful package will come to you in various configurations and, a first for Century Media Records, also on Blu-ray disc. The limited-edition deluxe book features the main show and a plethora of bonus content on DVD and a Blu-ray disc, as well as the entire concert on a 2CD set (4 discs in total). You can also enjoy the audio version of the full concert in a 3LP gatefold vinyl package or as a 2CD set. A standard DVD and digital audio download will also be available.  ICED EARTH's latest album, "Dystopia", sold around 6,100 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 67 on The Billboard 200 chart.  The band's previous CD, "The Crucible of Man (Something Wicked Part II)", opened with 6,700 units in September 2008 to debut at No. 79.  ICED EARTH's 10th studio offering, "Dystopia", was released in Europe on October 17, 2011 and in the U.S. on October 18 via Century Media Records. Two bonus tracks were also recorded for inclusion on special editions of the album.


  • Blabbermouth reports bluesy hard rockers BURNING RAIN filmed a video for an undisclosed song off their forthcoming third studio album, "Epic Obsession", this past Thursday, March 14 with director Devin DeHaven of Fortress Entertainment (PAPA ROACH, WHITESNAKE, METHOD MAN, TALIB KWELI).  Check out photos from the video shoot at this locationFrontiers Records will release "Epic Obsession" on May 21 in North America.  BURNING RAIN was founded by current WHITESNAKE axeman Doug Aldrich together with singer Keith St. John (ex-MONTROSE). The lineup for the new album is rounded out by Sean McNabb (QUIET RIOT, DOKKEN, HOUSE OF LORDS) on bass and Matt Starr (ACE FREHLEY) on drums.  "Epic Obsession" comes after a long hiatus from the release of the band's second album, "Pleasure To Burn", in 2000.  Of "Epic Obsession", Aldrich commented, "I think we have a good batch of songs that will stand up. It's a melodic blues rock approach to the sound. It's really the only thing I have done outside of WHITESNAKE in the last ten years."

    "Epic Obsession" track listing:

    01. Sweet Little Baby Thing
    02. The Cure
    03. Till You Die
    04. Heaven Gets Me By
    05. Pray Out Loud
    06. Our Time Is Gonna Come
    07. Too Hard To Break
    08. My Lust Your Fate
    09. Made For Your Heart
    10. Ride The Monkey
    11. Out In The Cold Again
    12. When Can I Believe In Love
    13. Kashmir *
    14. Heaven Gets Me By (acoustic version) *

    * Bonus tracks

    Frontiers Records will also reissue the long-out-of-print first two albums from BURNING RAIN, the self-titled debut (released in 1999) and the aforementioned "Pleasure To Burn". Both LPs will be repackaged and remastered and will contain two added bonus tracks to each respective album.   BURNING RAIN's previous efforts received great acclaim in Japan and the U.K. prior to Aldrich being tapped as guitarist for WHITESNAKE in 2002, with declaring, "Great quality songwriting...fantastic production that rivals any others out there. For fans of classic blues influenced hard rock there will be few albums to rival this record..."


  • Blabbermouth reports DARKOLOGY, the Texas-based band featuring guitarist Michael Harris (VITALIJ KUPRIJ), drummer Brian Harris (ex-FIREWIND), bassist Mike Neal and vocalist Kelly "Sundown" Carpenter (FIREWIND, BEYOND TWILIGHT, OUTWORLD), has completed recording the follow-up to 2009's "Altered Reflections" for a late 2013 release. The CD is currently being mixed by legendary producer Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST, ANVIL, THIN LIZZY) at his studio in the U.K. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Eyes Of The Machine", "Quantum Genocide", "On Morrow's Break", "Nobot 2" and "Your Hollow Soul". A digital single will arrive in late April/early May, to be followed by a limited-edition physical EP in early June. The full-length effort is expected in September/October.  Commented DARKOLOGY: "Tthe second album continues where the first one left off, but it's a lot more interesting and more evolved, offering a more mature but also direct songwriting style at the same time! There's a variety of tempos and moods and the band really outdoes themselves on every level, offering some really memorable performances all the way through."  "Altered Reflections" was released in November 2009 via Rockaholics Records.   According to a press release, DARKOLOGY's music features "ultra-tight, technical playing that serves the songs just right and remains transparent. The rhythm section just grooves wildly and delivers some impressive battery. And towering above all else, Sundown just redefines the term 'metal singer.' With some 15 different vocal styles, ranging from whispers to delirious screams and wails, he's as theatrical as they come. Imagine a guy with Ripper Owens' or Rob Halford's ra(n)ge, Jon Oliva's wickedness and Midnight's madness! Then multiply!"


  • Blabbermouth reports chilean death metallers DEATH VOMIT have inked a deal with Xtreem Music. The band's debut album is currently being recorded for a summer release both on CD and vinyl format.  DEATH VOMIT was formed in 2011 in the city of Curico by Azazzel (guitar, vocals) and Evil Escorzized (drums), influenced by ancient beasts with a grotesque, putrid and devastating sound in the vein of classic bands like MEGASLAUGHTER, PURTENANCE, CANCER, MERCILESS, CARBONIZED. DEATH VOMIT recorded its debut demo, "Infestation", in 2012, released only on cassette format. Later on, bass player Tom "Evil" Hill, who already played on the demo, joined the band as permanent member, followed by Sebastián Salce (guitar).  DEATH VOMIT's entire "Infestation" 2012 demo can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.


  • Loudwire reports Clutch streaming "Earth Rocker" album online


  • Loudwire reports Guns N’ Roses and Alice in Chains to headline 2013′s Inaugural River City Rockfest


  • Loudwire reports Volbeat unveil new album track listing and live cover of Young the Giant’s "My Body"



  • Loudwire reports Machine Head’s Robb Flynn inspired by Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe’s honesty


  • Loudwire reports Guns N’ Roses enjoy early St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Australia






  • Classic Rock reports Micky Moody says "I wish David Coverdale all happiness"


  • Spinner reports SXSW: Buddy Holly's widow keeps legacy alive, recalls death: "I Couldn't Keep Him Home"




  • NME reports Death Grips post cryptic videos on YouTube


  • NME reports Blur songs re-recorded for children's lullaby album



  • Blabbermouth posts a new "Super Collider" studio clip from Megadeth 


  • Blabbermouth posts video of Michael Anthony talking about his new Peavey amp



  • Blabbermouth posts the fourth studio webisode from Deathdestruction


  • Blabbermouth posts video of Sabaton bassist wisits ESP's Southern California headquarters



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  • Blabbermouth posts new music videos from Medicated - "Take It"



  • Blabbermouth posts performance footage from Todd La Torre Queensryche in Ybor City, Lacuna Coil in Austin Sister Sin in San Francisco and Raven with stand-in-drummers in Greece

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