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Did a manager for the Black Keys try to bribe a Nashville attorney over his stance on ticket scalping? That's the allegation made by lawyer John Ray Clemmons against Fielding Logan, who handles the Keys in addition to country star Eric Church. According to the Associated Press, Clemmons said in a letter to a Senate committee chairman that Logan repeatedly offered him tickets to see the Keys in exchange for changing his position on ticket scalping in Tennessee.


  • Clemmons opposes legislation that would crack down on scalping in the state.
  • Logan said in a written response that he did offer Clemmons the tickets, but only as a way to demonstrate how easily paperless tickets could be transferred.
  • The letter by Clemmons was forwarded to the Nashville prosecutor's office, although it remains to be seen if Logan could face legal action. He has not issued any comment himself on the matter.
  • The Keys won three prizes at the Grammy Awards last month, including Best Rock Album, Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song. Auerbach won a fourth award for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical.
  • The duo are already at work on the follow-up to 2011's platinum-selling, now Grammy-winning album El Camino, and have more live dates coming up this spring in both South and North America.


  • Do you think the manager was trying to bribe the attorney, or just doing what he said -- demonstrating how easy it was to transfer tickets?
  • If you were the Black Keys, would you feel uneasy about your manager's alleged actions?
  • What was your experience been like with ticket scalpers? Should there be more crackdowns on this sort of practice?

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