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A video has been posted online in which former Mad Season drummer Barrett Martin reminisces about late Alice In Chains and Mad Season singer Layne Staley, who died in 2002 of a drug overdose. Staley, Martin, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready and bassist John Baker Saunders recorded Mad Season's sole album, Above, in 1995, but any chance of a second one was shelved after the deaths of both Staley and Saunders.


McCready, who got clean just before recording Above, told us he often thinks about what his two bandmates would have done if they had lived: "It's an interesting, sad feeling at times, because I wonder what those guys would be like now. You know, I wonder if Layne would be a dad or Baker would be a dad or, you know, those kind of things that are important to me now, as opposed to when I was in my 20s, are so different and I wish they could experience that."

  • In his video, Martin recalls one early '90s tour featuring Alice In Chains and Martin's band Screaming Trees on which Staley would always use his nightly allotment of VIP passes to get fans without tickets into the show.
  • Martin said, "He always was looking out for people that wanted to see the show but couldn't afford to. That's why he represents those people. He doesn't represent the elite."
  • A three-disc deluxe edition of Above will be released on April 2nd, containing the original album, an unreleased track called "Locomotive," three songs written and sung by Mark Lanegan that were originally intended for the band's sophomore album and a DVD capturing the band's final show ever.

DID YOU KNOW? Mad Season was started in 1994 when Mike McCready met John Baker Saunders at a Minneapolis rehab facility.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Barrett Martin talking about Layne Staley at

Mike McCready On His Two Late Mad Season Bandmates

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