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M83 mastermind Anthony Gonzalez has released "StarWaves," a new composition recorded by Gonzalez and collaborator Joseph Trapanese for the soundtrack of the upcoming Tom Cruise movie Oblivion. According to Rolling Stone, Gonzalez and Trapanese worked on the score for the movie together, while M83 itself recorded one new song for the soundtrack, which is due out April 9th.


The movie opens in theaters on April 19th and is a big-budget sci-fi epic in which Cruise plays a "maintenance man" who is tasked with finding the last remaining resources on an abandoned, ruined Earth that has been devastated by war with a mysterious enemy.

  • Oblivion is directed by Joseph Kosinski, director of 2010's Tron: Legacy.
  • Kosinski started working on the script for Oblivion back in 2005 and told The Playlist that he was listening to M83 while writing it.
  • M83 cracked the Modern Rock Top 10 last year with "Midnight City," from the act's sixth album, 2011's Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.
  • Gonzalez moved to Los Angeles last year to pursue soundtrack work, saying, "I've wanted to do soundtracks for so long, and starting with such an ambitious project, especially in the sci-fi category, means a lot to me."

CHECK IT OUT: Listen to "StarWaves" at

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

John wrote: "As a long-time admirer of M83, their music has always been crying out/destined for film soundtracks territory IMHO - so this comes as fantastic news, if not entirely surprising."

Avi Patel wrote: "movie looks awesome, music 2!"

musicsnob wrote: "sounds like across between the inception soundtrack and the twin peaks soundtrack, disappointed in A. Gonzalez for ripping Hanz Zimmer and Angelo Badalamenti... not very original."

lum wrote: "Some similar instrumentation (which is expected with movie scores), but definitely not a rip off. Anyone who actually listens to m83 could clearly tell this is a work of Anthony's."

WATCH: Check out the newest trailer for Oblivion:

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