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Actor Charlie Sheen made a surprise appearance to introduce Slash at a March 3rd concert at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Ireland, according to the Irish Times. Sheen told the audience he was there for three reasons, explaining, "I want to remind Colin Farrell that I'm still alive," adding that the second reason was to "drink the finest Guinness which our ancestors gave to us," and finally saying that his third reason was to introduce the "greatest guitarist in the history of sound."


  • Slash returned the favor by dedicating the Guns N' Roses song "Rocket Queen" to his "old friend" Sheen, who had flown from Los Angeles for the concert.
  • Sheen also spoke at Slash's Hollywood Walk Of Fame induction ceremony in July 2012, saying, "It's quite fitting that Slash is getting a star on the very street Axl Rose will one day be sleeping on."
  • Back when Sheen was going through his public meltdown and career troubles in 2011, Slash told Australia's Triple M radio, "I love Charlie. Charlie is probably the most rock 'n' roll character in entertainment today."
  • Slash is touring behind his 2012 sophomore solo effort, Apocalyptic Love.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Charlie Sheen introduce Slash:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

Sadistikexekution wrote: "At least Charlie Sheen is talented and funny, hakk slash, not so much."

Flulu wrote: "i'm not a big fan of the things charlie has done towards women, other than that, he is f***ing awesome!"

IMNoMoreLies wrote: "Charlie Sheen is a mediocre actor and is overrated. He just got all the hype because of his drug and alcohol addiction. The only decent thing he's ever done is Platoon. Other than that, nothing."

Doros78 wrote: "they are both great and both know how to have a great time, you only live once so why waste it???"

hell666 wrote: "I guarantee that Slash is not the greatest guitarist since anything."

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