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A report from The Irish Times says that over a thousand tapes from the old Windmill Lane recording studio in Ireland, including rare recordings by AC/DC, Metallica and others, are waiting to be reclaimed either by the artists or their record labels. If that doesn't happen by May, they will start to be destroyed.


Weighing more than a ton, the two-inch multi-track tapes have filled the attic at the new Windmill facility. Among the rare finds are an early version of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" and a recording of Metallica performing with Marianne Faithfull. The sessions were recorded on the heavy analog tape in the days before digital technology took over.

  • Other recordings stored there include sessions from Bono and The Edge, tracks by Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler and demos from the Spice Girls.
  • There also master recordings of soundtracks from movies like The Commitments, The Talented Mr. Ripley and The Mask.
  • The tapes have begun to deteriorate and some may not be playable. A producer at the studio, Tony Perrey, said, "They are probably not of any practical value. You would only ever get one chance to play them again and that would be under archival conditions." He added that digitizing them would be "hugely expensive."

CHECK IT OUT: A complete list of the artists who have recorded at Windmill can be seen at


  • If you were any of these acts -- or a music historian -- wouldn't you be heading over there now to see what's in that attic?
  • Should the studio auction the tapes off instead of destroying them?
  • Do you believe that all music should be preserved, even early, discarded versions of songs that were later re-recorded?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

thewiseman wrote: "GET'EM!!!!"

War Rabbit wrote: "I would love to dig through those tapes. No telling what kind of treasures there are."

Ace96 wrote: "That abomination of a song they did with Marianne Faithfull deserves to be destroyed."

Rich wrote: "Why destroy the tapes if they go unclaimed? Just auction them off or sell them on EBay! People will pay a lot of money for rare things like this."

WATCH: Revisit the music video for "Thunderstruck":

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