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Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has opened up about his years of drug and alcohol abuse, his onstage meltdown last fall in Las Vegas and his rehab stint in a new interview with Rolling Stone that hits newsstands on Friday (March 1st). In an excerpt posted at the magazine's website, Armstrong spoke about the many nights he spent high and/or drunk over the years, saying, "I couldn't predict where I was going to end up at the end of the night. I'd wake up in a strange house on a couch. I wouldn't remember how. It was a complete blackout."


  • Armstrong's issues came to a head at a festival in Vegas, where he smashed his guitar and screamed obscenities at the promoters for reportedly cutting Green Day's set.
  • He said that he recalls little of that incident, admitting, "I remember tiny things. The next morning, I woke up. I asked (my wife) Adrienne, 'How bad was it?' She said, 'It's bad.' I called my manager. He said, 'You're getting on a plane, going back to Oakland and going into rehab immediately.'"
  • Armstrong's entrance into rehab forced the band to cancel numerous tour dates and derailed promotional plans for their trilogy of new album, Uno!, Dos! and Tre!.
  • The trio will get back on the road next month, starting with a performance at Austin's South By Southwest festival.


  • How do you feel about Billie Joe? Are you rooting for him to get his act together, or is he old enough to have known better?
  • Do you think sobriety will cost him whatever punk rock "edge" he has left?
  • Do you think the fans will come back to Green Day?

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

Jamie Skinner wrote: "Seems like his family and close friends (inc. his manager) were really looking out for BJA when this happened. Glad to see he had amazing support when he needed it."

JW wrote: "Years of prescription drug and alcohol abuse? Maybe they should have looked out for him a lot sooner than they did."

ceallaigh wrote: "I'm rooting so hard for Billie Joe. Green Day was my first concert, back in high school, and they put on one hell of a show. The guys have always seemed very down-to-earth and real, and I am proud to be a fan. Hoping Billie Joe continues to do better."

zzzzzzzzz wrote: "Weak-ass. How punk of you to throw a tantrum at a corporate event, then apologize to the corporation."

Elijah Drew wrote: "Oh, come on Billie Joe. I used to be a huge Green Day fan (when I was twelve). Armstrong is too old for this typical rock star drug addiction shtick. It comes off fake and forced."

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