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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently told MTV News how he ended up directing a video for "By Crooked Steps," the second single from the new Soundgarden album King Animal. Grohl explained how he came up with the concept for the clip, saying, "I'll just make up a video in my head as I'm listening to the song, and I didn't know if it was going to be a single or if they wanted to make a video or what, so...I called my manager and I said, 'I think I have an idea for a Soundgarden video.' 'Okay, did they ask you to do that?' 'No...' So I wrote out the idea and I sent it to the drummer and he said, 'Yeah that's kind of cool, (but) I don't really know if we're going to make a video.' So we kind of made them make the video."


Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil corroborated Grohl's version of the story, telling us: "Dave heard the album and loved it, and specifically 'By Crooked Steps.' He emailed Matt (Cameron, Soundgarden drummer) and told him how much he and Taylor (Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer) liked the song. He then, unsolicited, submitted a treatment for the video to Matt. Matt shared that email with the band and everyone cracked up. We said, 'We've got to do this. Let's try this.'"

  • The clip features the members of Soundgarden portraying what seems to be a biker gang -- except that they're all riding Segways. Grohl explained, "They're not known for their, like, wicked sense of humor, although they are really f***in' funny people -- you would never know, they're super dry and hilarious. But the idea of them on the Segways, I thought, you know, it could work."
  • Grohl has directed a number of Foo Fighters videos and also recently made his debut as a feature director with the documentary Sound City.
  • King Animal is Soundgarden's first album in 16 years and debuted at Number Five on the Billboard album chart when it came out last November.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Dave Grohl talk about directing the video for "By Crooked Steps":

Here's the video for the song:

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INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

lazyspud wrote: "So he basically made a Foo Fighters video and put Soundgarden in it. Doesn't really do much for me. I kinda prefer the stoic, unfunny Soundgarden."

For Whom The Bell Trolls wrote: "Soundgarden destroys Foo Fighters!"

TheEagle wrote: "The new Soundgarden album is a solid comeback! The video is a let down. Grohl did a lot better elsewhere."

jokerstyle wrote: "I love both Soundgarden and Grohl but this video doesn't work for me. The song is so bad ass, I think the comical aspect of the video doesn't fit."

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