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Although Tool singer Maynard James Keenan reportedly told a Chilean radio station earlier this week that the band would not release a new album in 2013, drummer Danny Carey has swooped in to set fans' minds at ease at least a little. Carey told New Zealand's The Rock FM that a new album would arrive "sometime this year . . . that's all I can say," adding, "The sooner the better for us. We're working everyday but you can never predict it, honestly. We're really excited about it so I hope all the fans will be too."


Carey also revealed to a different New Zealand website that one of the band's new songs is a 20-minute epic, saying, "It's like an ever-evolving thing, it's probably going to turn into a thing that's like, a big trilogy type of feel to it . . . It will probably be over a 20-minute piece when it's all finished, so it will be a good part of the record. We're dealing with it in sections, but it's coming together really well, we're having lots of fun working on it, that's for sure."

  • Carey told us a while back that Tool has always insisted on taking its time with its music: "We believed in what we were doing, and eventually the record company saw the light and believed in us too, so now they don't bug us. We can take as long as we want in between records,, and the emphasis is more on making a good record, more than getting a record out, you know, by a date or something."
  • Carey said that bassist Justin Chancellor has been the "main driving force" behind the band's first new album since 2006's 10,000 Days.
  • Meanwhile, Carey also revealed that he was the unnamed Tool member who was injured last month when his motorcycle -- not a scooter as originally reported -- crashed. Carey explained, "I was just turning to go on the freeway, and I think I hit some antifreeze or oil or something, and the wheels just slipped right out from under me, and I just hit the pavement really hard . . . It's pretty painful, but some painkillers and some scotch will get you through it."


Carey also revealed in his New Zealand interviews that he is playing drums on some of the music for the upcoming Superman movie, Man Of Steel, and that Tool may finally getting around to release some of its massive amount of live material on CD or DVD soon. He said, "We have tons of stuff recorded. I hope we do make that happen one of these days. We have lots of video stuff too, we could do a DVD or two whenever we get around to it. We're kind of trying to focus on the new thing now, so we'll go back at some point."


  • So who do you believe, Danny Carey or Maynard James Keenan?
  • Even if Carey, Chancellor and guitarist Adam Jones have been working on new music, do you think it will be difficult for them to rope Keenan into the studio to write lyrics and sing on it?
  • What should they do if Keenan keeps holding up the works?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

Mama wrote: "Keenan says no, says no again on facebook yesterday, Carey says yes... Consensus? No, of course not, this is Tool!"

Bobby DeBlois wrote: "Haha! I was sure the crash victim was Danny! Get well soon."

Vor wrote: "What's another year or two. I love Tool, but it's not like there aren't any other great metal bands to listen to."

Sandro67 wrote: "I'm a huge fan of these guys, but every year that passes I feel like I care less and less if it ever comes out. I'll still buy it if it ever does get released, of course, but either be a band or don't be a band."

Tool's Danny Carey Says Band Takes Time To Make Quality Albums

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