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Van Halen's old label, Warner Bros. Records, will release a box set called Van Halen: The Studio Albums 1978 - 1984 on March 26th as a limited edition. The six-CD package will contain the band's first six studio albums, including its 1978 self-titled debut, 1979's Van Halen II, 1980's Women And Children First, 1981's Fair Warning, 1982's Diver Down and 1984's 1984, which was the last record by the band to feature original singer David Lee Roth until 2012's A Different Kind Of Truth.


Guitarist Eddie Van Halen admitted a while back that he can't pick a favorite out of the band's many albums: "Well, I tell ya -- to me, they're all special. They're all a bit different, but I love 'em all. You know, they're all a piece of me, so they're all very special."

  • The Studio Albums 1978 - 1984 features all six albums in remastered versions and packaged in a clamshell box.
  • There are no bonus tracks or other extra features of any kind. The set can be ordered at or Amazon.


  • Van Halen launched what was supposed to be a lengthy world tour last February in support of A Different Kind Of Truth, its first studio album in 14 years and its first with Roth on vocals since 1984.
  • But the band pulled off the road last spring and canceled 31 summer tour dates due to exhaustion on the part of the band members.
  • Later that summer, a severe bout of the inflammatory intestinal affliction diverticulitis sent Eddie Van Halen to an emergency room and then surgery, after which he needed four to six months of recovery time.
  • The group is scheduled to play three shows in Japan in late June, but no other dates have been confirmed anywhere else so far.


  • Is this box set really necessary, unless you're a complete Van Halen novice?
  • Could you see any Van Halen buying this without even the enticement of some previously unreleased studio material?
  • Van Halen supposedly has this huge backlog of unheard music sitting in Eddie's vault -- in fact some of those songs were dusted off and made up a good chunk of the new record. Why do they put some more of that out as a gift to fans?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

withnoregret wrote: "This is just stupid. What Van Halen fan doesn't already own these albums? No b-sides? Rare live stuff?"

syko kid wrote: "I already own all these. It would have been nicer to release a b-sides and rarities set instead."

jokerstyle wrote: "this is obviously the record company's idea to cash in on an upcoming tour....I'm sure EVH has very little say about it...the old record company can do what they want....they own it."

KB wrote: "Will Michael Anthony's bass lines be replaced with Wolfgang's?"

davey_f wrote: "going to do a Van Halen boxed set then you should have rare tracks, b-sides, the sammy years and yes even the dreaded unreleased disc they did with Gary Cherone and a live dvd depicting the various incarnations of Van Halen. this thing is simply a waste of time."

Eddie Van Halen says all the Van Halen albums are special to him

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