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Dave Grohl was at it again during the second night (Tuesday, February 5th) of his week-long stint as guest host of the E! talk show Chelsea Lately. According to Spinner, the Foo Fighters frontman used an interview with rapper Nas to admit that he doesn't understand hip hop beefs and reveal that he makes fun of Coldplay. Grohl said, "There's one thing that I don't really understand in the hip hop world . . . you know how people are always beefing with each other, you know, like you got a beef with someone? I mean, like, I make fun of Coldplay, but I would never say that out loud."


Grohl's comments seemed more in jest than his remarks on Monday night's (February 4th) show, when he said about Britney Spears, "She just kinda seems dead inside, like there's nothing behind her eyes. Like there's nothing in her boobs anymore!"

  • Grohl will continue subbing for host Chelsea Handler on the program through Friday (February 8th). He sat in for Handler last December 6th and has also been a guest on the show himself in the past.
  • The "first and only ever" New York City show by Grohl's Sound City Players will take place on February 13th at Manhattan's Hammerstein Ballroom.
  • Grohl's documentary, Sound City, is now showing in limited theaters and on VOD and is available to order on DVD.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Grohl's interview with Nas (his Coldplay remark comes at around the 1:18 mark):


  • While we think that most of what Dave is saying is meant jokingly, do you think he's showing a slightly nastier side to himself?
  • If you were the guest host on a show like this, how would you approach the job?

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