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Pete Townshend took time out to heap praise on Lady Gaga at the expense of reality TV talent shows. Townshend, who's currently on the road with the Who on their Quadrophenia & More tour, told The Sun, "I got hearing aids recently and I was sitting there watching TV. And I've now realized -- you don't listen to TV any more. You sit there and spend your whole time shouting: 'What a c***, he's a c***, she's a c***, she's useless, she's great -- vote for her.' It has created a different way of watching television. Reality TV is about what goes on in the room when you're watching it."


Townshend went on to point out what he feels is a shining example of true, young musical talent, explaining: "The machinery of making music means more people can do it now. The technology has made it easier to make music without being profoundly gifted. What Lady Gaga has done is created an iconic figure who is someone we can get inside. She's a story and it's fascinating to watch -- she's like a space oddity."

  • Pete Townshend told us that with the release of the Who's debut single, 'I Can't Explain,' back in 1965, he felt as though he was given the brief by his audience on how to carry out his career as a songwriter: "What I felt was that the band -- the member of the band, the record company, the managers, and the audience were all saying to me: 'We really like this song you wrote write some more!' And I though, 'Ah! I'm an artist; I've got a commission.' And that has sustained me all my life. Just that simple thing, 'Write some more.' It's just such a great thing to be told if you're a writer (laughs) -- 'We want to hear something more from you.'"
  • The Who performs tonight (February 5th) in San Diego, California at the Valley View Casino Center.


  • The Who's new documentary, The Who: Quadrophenia - Can You See The Real Me? - The Story Behind The Album, is now available for download on iTunes. The film, which originally ran on the BBC before coming to VH1 Classic, gives an in-depth look at the making of -- and tour behind -- the 1973 album, featuring the Who's Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, their manager Bill Curbishley, Quadrophenia engineer Ron Nevison, early Mod "Irish Jack" Lyons, Townshend confidante and biographer Richard Barnes, and rock journalist Howie Edelson, among others.

CHECK IT OUT: The Who in Boston performing "I'm One" live on November 16th, 2012:

Pete Townshend On Having A Commission

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