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An unidentified member of Tool recently crashed his Vespa scooter on an icy road, suffering serious injuries and delaying work on the music for the band's long-awaited next album. According to Loudwire, the musician sustained several broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder in the crash, forcing the band to push back writing sessions for the band's follow-up to 2006's 10,000 Days.


The incident was described in detail in a post at the band's website earlier this week, with the webmaster writing, "Because of the physical nature of the musical instrument involved, 9 DAYS of jamming were lost, although I'm happy to report that the person involved is recovering nicely, so much so, in fact, that writing sessions resumed last Monday (January 21), despite it being a holiday for many."

  • By coincidence, another person connected to the Tool camp also had a Vespa accident a few days earlier, sustaining injuries to his head and multiple cuts and bruises to his body. The post hinted that it may have been someone related to the band's merchandising.
  • The band's webmaster concluded by writing, "I was hoping to be able to throw some of you a bone the first week of the New Year, but for certain reasons this announcement has been pushed back a month. Therefore, look for a news post that will be exciting to some towards the end of the first week in February."
  • Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, meanwhile, and his side act Puscifer will release their new EP, Donkey Punch The Night, on February 19th, with some touring to follow.

SIDE NOTES: Well, since Keenan has been doing interviews and seems healthy enough, and since guitarist Adam Jones was just spotted at a WWE event proposing to his lady, and because of the "physical nature" of the musician's instrument, we have to surmise that the Tool member who crashed his scooter was drummer Danny Carey, and we hope he's feeling better.

LISTENERS' POLL: Some fans think this story has been made up by the band. Do you think it's true or false?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Loudwire -- agree or not?

Aubrey Britt Bailey wrote: "As a huge tool fan, i dont belive one f***ing word of this. they dont list what band members. and who the f*** is gonna drive vespas in the ice? this is like when maynard found jesus all over again."

Matt Hagen wrote: "I thought the exact same thing when I saw this."

Magnus Hol wrote: "If you drive a scooter on icy roads, you are either tripping on mescaline or being stupid...and we all know the guys from tool aren't stupid..."

Cory Scott wrote: "WTF! Any excuse to delay making another album lol"

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