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  • Jackass star Bam Margera has been attempting to launch a rap career but his latest music video has been censored by YouTube and removed from the site. The video apparently contains incredibly graphic images of naked people including shots of Margera trying to hydrate himself by drinking his own urine.


  • Blabbermouth reports DEVICE, the new industrial-style project featuring DISTURBED frontman David Draiman and former FILTER guitarist Geno Lenardo, will play a number of shows this spring and summer in support of its debut album, which is due out April 9. The CD will feature guest appearances from AVENGED SEVENFOLD singer M. Shadows, SYSTEM OF A DOWN vocalist Serj Tankian, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE guitarist Tom Morello, HALESTORM singer Lzzy Hale, BLACK SABBATH bassist Geezer Butler and ex-DEEP PURPLE bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes.  Lenardo will not be part of the DEVICE touring band due to previous commitments.  Other members of the live lineup include EVANESCENCE drummer Will Hunt and DOPE guitarist Virus.  In a recent interview with Artisan News, Draiman stated about Lenardo's absence from the road: "Geno is tied up in his own projects and doing things on his own and he wants to be able to stay close to home and spend time with his son, so he won't be a part of the live part of this project, which is why I enlisted the services of [Will and Virus] to be partners in this project and to lend me their creative and their playing might."  Draiman was also full of praise for his bandmates, stating: "Will is just a monster behind the kit and he definitely was one on a short, short list of guys that we were looking at. And Virus as well — a very accomplished musician in his own right, has done some amazing work with DOPE, he's worked with a number of tremendously accomplished artists, [he's] a great songwriter in his own right. So I definitely wanted to find the right union of people that we had a good energy together, we had a good camaraderie, and we're ready to just take this monster of a record and unleash it on the world."  Draiman told Noisecreep that DEVICE's touring plans have yet to be finalized, but that he doesn't expect to be headlining the same venues that DISTURBED does. He explained, "I'm ready to open for other artists and I definitely don't have any delusions of grandeur with this. It's like going back to the beginning."  DEVICE is the first non-DISTURBED music that Draiman has created in 16 years and he told The Pulse Of Radio why that was important to him. "This really gave me the opportunity to step outside of my box from a creative aspect and from a musical aspect," he said. "It's still dark, it's still rhythmic, it's still got my characteristic vocal delivery at times, but I definitely go places vocally on this record that I've never gone with DISTURBED."  The first single from the DEVICE album, called "Vilify", arrives at rock radio on February 19. A video is being produced as well.

  • Blabbermouth reports author and music journalist Martin Popoff will following up his 2004 RUSH biography "Contents Under Pressure" with a new illustrative history of the band titled "Rush: The Unauthorized Illustrated History", which is slated for release in May via Voyageur Press.  The book's official description: "Formed in Toronto, Ontario, in 1968 under the heavy influence of British blues, RUSH solidified its lineup in 1974 and has gone on to record 18 studio albums (and counting). Notable for bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee's high register, Neil Peart's virtuosic drumming and inventive lyrics, and the guitar heroics of Alex Lifeson, the multiplatinum band melds a diverse range of influences and along the way has amassed a large, notably loyal following worldwide. RUSH is bigger than ever before with the hit 2011 documentary 'Beyond the Lighted Stage' and [last] year's new album, 'Clockwork Angels', and tour.  "Now, for the first time, RUSH is treated to the epic visual celebration they so richly deserve in a beautifully designed and profusely illustrated history following the band's entire career. A chronological overview history written by noted music scribe and RUSH authority Martin Popoff spans the band's entire career from 1968 to today. A complete RUSH discography chronicles all their albums, from the debut album to '2112', 'Moving Pictures', and 'Signals' to 'Grace Under Pressure', 'Vapor Trails', and more. The authoritative text is complemented by album reviews written by well-known music journalists from around the globe, commentary from fellow musicians, a discography, tour dates, and hundreds of photographs and pieces of memorabilia, including picture sleeves, gig posters, rare vinyl, handbills, ticket stubs, and much more."


  • Blabbermouth reports Dean product manager Eric Stewart gave Guitar World magazine an overview of the Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH) series signature guitars at this year's NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) show, a massive music-products convention that took place January 24-27 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Check out the three-minute clip below.  Mustaine was on hand at this year's NAMM on January 23 to show off his new Dean double-neck guitar.  Originally a one-off which was built for Dave to play at the "Big Four" shows, the guitar will go into full production this year.   Mustaine said the guitar "plays like a motherfucker."  "When I went to Dean, I found out that the guitars were very responsive," Mustaine said. "And one of the most important things was the attention to detail. Also the relationship with me as an artist. Because the previous companies I was with, the guitars were good, but the relationship was sour. And I found that being with Dean was really good for me, because they took care of me as an artist, they took care of the guitars, they also knew what the public liked."  He continued: "Those of you that are distributors, you know that the younger generation, they want guitars that look cool and play great, that are affordable and that icons use. For me, I'm flattered to be considered an icon, but I'm just a guitar player. And to have this kind of backing and support from a company that is as reputable as Dean is really flattering."

  • Blabbermouth reports "In Due Time", the new single from Massachusetts metallers KILLSWITCH ENGAGE — singer Jesse Leach, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, bassist Mike D'Antonio, guitarist Joel Stroetzel and drummer Justin Foley — can be streamed in the YouTube clip below. The song comes off the band's forthcoming album, "Disarm The Descent", which will be released on April 2 via Roadrunner Records. The follow-up to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's 2009's self-titled release is the band's first album with original singer Leach at the vocal helm since 2002's now-classic, genre-defining "Alive or Just Breathing". Leach returned to the band in January 2012 after a decade-long absence. The artwork for the new CD was created by D'Antonio.  "In Due Time" will be made available digitally on February 5. Album pre-orders will kick off in early February, as well, with more details forthcoming.  "Disarm The Descent" was selected by Alternative Press magazine for its "Most Anticipated Albums of 2013" issue, and the band was profiled in Guitar World as one to watch in 2013. Clearly, buzz from fans and the metal and hard rock community regarding new KILLSWITCH ENGAGE remains deafening.  "It is with a grateful spirit that we prepare for this record's release," Leach said. "From the music, to the lyrics, to the artwork, we are all proud of what we have accomplished. To me, this is by far my best vocal performance, much thanks to Adam's guidance and faith in my abilities. I am very grateful to be where I am in life, back in an amazing band with a record we are all excited for the world to hear. Thanks to all the fans for their warm welcome back and their undying love for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE."  2012 marked a busy year for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE.  With Leach firmly installed as the frontman for the last 12 months, the band spent its summer on the road. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE shook the bedrock of venues across the country as part of the first-ever Trespass America tour alongside FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH.  The band recently embarked on a tour that celebrated the 10th anniversary of "Alive Or Just Breathing". They performed the album in full, with a few fan favorites and hits from their gold-selling albums, 2004's "The End Of Heartache" and 2006's "As Daylight Dies", sprinkled into the setlist. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE were also profiled by Decibel in the magazine's highly respected "Hall of Fame" feature for "Alive Or Just Breathing".  In between tours, the band put its nose to the grindstone to work on what would become "Disarm The Descent", with Dutkiewicz producing. The wheels have been turning for the past year, as the band supplemented recording with touring. The time is upon us for the next chapter of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, who were at the forefront of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal resurgence that defined the '00s and have remained vital into the new decade.

    "Disarm The Descent" track listing:

    01. The Hell In Me
    02. Beyond The Flames
    03. New Awakening
    04. In Due Time
    05. A Tribute To The Fallen
    06. The Turning Point
    07. All That We Have
    08. You Don't Bleed For Me
    09. The Call
    10. No End In Sight
    11. Always
    12. Time Will Not Remain

    "Disarm The Descent" was mixed by veteran British producer Andy Sneap, who has previously worked with MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, ACCEPT, ARCH ENEMY and NEVERMORE.  "[The recording process] was great," Leach told Loudwire. "I came off tour I was filled with energy, ready to go, we knocked out a bunch of stuff. I had joined the band, the record was there, we're on tour so I really didn't have time to write. I took the past two months not only recording but writing so I'm there with an idea, being in the other room writing and going to Adam saying, 'Here's my idea I just wrote, what do you think?' So there's real spontaneity some of the songs that we just finished up. I had maybe five or six solid ideas when I came off tour and the rest had to be developed as we were recording it. It was exciting but at the same time tough because for me I'm digging deep down into my emotions and my psyche trying to come up with stuff that is honest and emotive and relevant, hopefully for the listener. It's tiring but well worth, anything that's worth achieving you got to suffer a little bit for it. I think mentally and spiritually and a little bit physically we were suffering but all of that made for an amazing record that I'm really proud of."  He added, "The music is definitely the fastest KILLSWITCH record ever. It's very heavy but still maintains the signature KILLSWITCH hooky, melodic stuff there, too. There's definitely melody attached, but I pulled out some new styles vocally, yelling and screaming and growling and layers and it sounds massive."  Asked what the vibe has been working on the new record with the other members, Leach said, "These guys have welcomed me back with open arms and just very encouraging and digging the stuff that I'm doing and these guys were just like, 'Wow! We're really excited. We feel like it's been a long time since we've been this excited about music,' and that just makes me feel amazing. It makes me feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing."  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE fans have already had the opportunity to hear one of the cuts that will appear on the upcoming CD: a rough mix of the song "No End In Sight" was recently leaked online, and as a result the band has started playing it live.  "That song is the weakest song on the whole record," Leach told Loudwire. "That's my opinion. I actually almost wouldn't mind if it wasn't even on the record because I think other stuff is much better, but probably since we played it and fans know it, we'll put it on, but in my opinion, that's definitely the weakest song. Now that the record is done, in retrospect, that would not be the song that we would be playing live."  Rea more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports forty years ago in January 1973, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Peter Criss held auditions for a lead guitarist for their new band. As the group took shape, they chose Ace Frehley. Paul suggested the name KISS, and the band was born. Later that month, KISS performed its first show on January 30 at Popcorn, a club in Queens, New York.  Four decades on, KISS is still rocking a legion of fans that number in the millions around the globe. Now 40 years strong, Paul, Gene, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer prepare for a "Monster" world tour in 2013.  Says Stanley: "My dream from the start was five years of glory with KISS. Along with Peter and Ace, we kicked doors open that stood in our way, and every band member who has stood with me at some point during these decades has played an essential part in turning that five year dream into a phenomenal 40-year reality. I thank each of you for your contribution to this milestone.  "Our journey and victories are a joy I also share with you, our fans who have always given us the freedom to stand and fall on our own terms, and we have done both with a grateful smile. For the past ten years, Tommy and Eric's pride and dedication have enabled Gene and I to reclaim and celebrate all that we have been, while continuing to move forward in a way that would have been impossible without them. I love playing with the band as it is today, and many of my proudest moments are tied to moments of magic we have created together in the studio and on the stage. I know we're ready to do it again."  Adds Eric Singer: "A special thanks to all of the fans who have been with the band on this roller coaster ride called KISS for 40 years! I am honored to be a part of this machine and pay special respect to all members past and present. I especially want to thank Paul, Gene, Tommy and [manager] Doc McGhee for giving me a place to call home. And most importantly the fans. YOU fuel this engine!"  States Tommy Thayer: "At 40 years strong, I'm proud to be in one of the greatest bands in rock history. KISS is a band that is as full of life and vitality today as it was 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago. All eras of the band should be celebrated today. Long live KISS."  Says Gene Simmons: "To the Kiss Army — who made it all possible for us.  "To Paul, without whom I would never have been able to achieve my dreams.  "And to the band — past and present — for continuing to treat the stage as holy ground and the fans as our bosses.  "Here's to another 40 years!"  Read more at Classic Rock


  • Blabbermouth reports celebrating a relationship that spans two decades, Premier presented Nicko McBrain of IRON MAIDEN with a special one-off snare drum at this year's NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) show, a massive music-products convention that took place January 24-27 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Check out video footage of the presentation below.  Premier announced two new Nicko McBrain snare drums at NAMM 2013:  * Handcrafted in Premier's manufacturing facility in Lancashire, England, "Nicko's Sicko" is a snare drum like no other. It is produced with a 100% sycamore, 10mm thick, 16-ply shell. The characteristic warmth of the sycamore with the added attack from the 10mm thick shell gives this snare drum a warm yet powerful punch with plenty of sensitivity. Finished with a "silver shimmer" outer ply of sycamore with a hand rubbed oil finish, this snare also includes 2.3mm chrome plated triple-flange steel hoops, a 0610 quick release heavy-duty snare strainer and chrome plated British Collection solid brass tube lugs. The drum also features two touches inspired by Nicko: a Remo Emperor X coated batter head and 42 strand snare wire.  * The "Aces High" snare drum is inspired by the song of the same name that recalls the skill and bravery of fighter pilots during World War II. Handcrafted in Premier's manufacturing facility in Lancashire, England, the "Aces High" consists of a 14" x 5.5" shell which is 10mm thick and constructed from 17 plies of sycamore. The outer ply features a stunning handmade-inlay from dyed sycamore and cherry to recreate the camouflage of a Supermarine Spitfire. This intricate marquetry also incorporates a Royal Air Force target, a red, white and blue tail fin ensign and carries the LZ symbol of the Royal Air Force Squadron 66 who flew Mk6 Supermarine Spitfires. The inner ply is finished in a sky blue sycamore to represent the underside of the Spitfire. The snare drum is fitted with Premier's Spitfire chrome plated solid brass tube lugs, themed on the front nose of the Spitfire to complement the shells unique markings. Like the Spitfire Series within the British Collection, the "Aces High" also includes 2.3mm chrome-plated triple-flange steel hoops, a 0610 quick release heavy-duty snare strainer and internal aero-dynamic isolation washers. The drum also features two touches inspired by Nicko: a Remo Emperor X coated batter head and 42 strand snare wire. Limited to a production run of 100 snare drums only, each one will be personally hand-signed by Nicko.


  • Blabbermouth reports former DIO and current DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell revealed in April 2012 that he is planning to join forces with three other original DIO members to play "some gigs" that will see the musicians performing material from the early DIO records that Campbell appeared on. Dubbed LAST IN LINE, Campbell, Vinny Appice (drums), Jimmy Bain (bass) and Claude Schnell (keyboards) will be accompanied by singer Andrew Freeman, who has previously fronted HURRICANE and LYNCH MOB.  LAST IN LINE resumed rehearsing in December and is scheduled to have another rehearsal session early next week. Vivian says: "I'm excited for the next LAST IN LINE rehearsal this Monday evening, but I'm even more excited that we finally have tour dates! We're working out the details, but I should have some tour news to announce soon. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out how to play 'I Speed At Night'; it's amazing how you can forget how to play your own songs."

    According to Campbell, the following songs, among others, are being rehearsed for LAST IN LINE's upcoming live show:

    * "Holy Diver"
    * "Stand Up And Shout"
    * "Don't Talk To Strangers"
    * "Last In Line"
    * "Caught In The Middle"
    * "Straight Through The Heart"
    * "We Rock"
    * "Egypt"
    * "Invisible"
    * "Shame On The Night"
    * "I Speed At Night"

    In a 2012 interview with the web site, Schnell stated about Andrew's performance at the first LAST IN LINE rehearsal, "He did an outstanding job, and if he didn't, I don't believe that he'd be the one that we'd be pursuing the project with. But he did a very, very good job. His online comments about 'preparing to be the world's most hated singer notwithstanding,' I think he's going to do a very credible and very impressive job of covering this material."  On the topic of LAST IN LINE's setlist, Schnell said, "Well, it's largely gonna be material from the first three albums — 'Holy Diver', 'The Last In Line' and 'Sacred Heart' — the albums on which Viv played. I don't think we're gonna be doing any material from the albums on which Craig [Goldy, Vivian's replacement in DIO] played and the later incarnations of the band. But, fortunately, there is no shortage of material and hits on those first few records, so you can count on 'Rainbow In The Dark' and 'Holy Diver' and 'Rock And Roll Children', and so forth and so on. The list goes on and on, on and on."  Regarding LAST IN LINE's touring plans, Schnell said, "We've been putting out some feelers and getting some kind of feedback about… Actually, [there is] a very strong international interest in seeing this back on the road. Again, this is all kind of very ironic and surprising, because quite honestly, initially, the only interest in doing this is a bunch of friends getting together to have a play and socialize a little bit and kind of catch up. But, like I said, it just seemed so organic once we started playing that the notion of doing it more than once seemed inevitable. And, of course, with that being considered, then it was an obvious conclusion that, 'Well, let's see if anybody would be interested in hearing this.' Needless to say, the ears that were listening within the rehearsal hall were on fire. There was an awful lot of, 'Hey, that sounds like that band from way back when.'"  Campbell and Ronnie James Dio worked together on the first three DIO albums 1983's "Holy Diver", 1984's "The Last in Line" and 1985's "Sacred Heart" — before Irishman Campbell left to join WHITESNAKE in 1987. Their subsequent relationship was strained, to say the least.

    Original DIO lineup performing live in 1984:

  • Blabbermouth reports POISON singer Bret Michaels will release his new solo album, "Good Songs & Great Friends", on March 26 via Poor Boy Records. The effort brings together the friends that Michaels has made along the way with some of the songs that have shaped all of that success. Featuring collaborations with artists from a variety of genres and generations, this album contains a live duet with Jimmy Buffett ("Margaritaville"), a cover of "Sweet Home Alabama" with Gary Rossington, Rickey Medlocke and Peter Keys from LYNYRD SKYNYRD playing on the track, new versions of some of POISON's biggest hits, including the highly anticipated remake of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" with Loretta Lynn. Musical greats such as Joe Perry of AEROSMITH, Michael Anthony of VAN HALEN/CHICKENFOOT, Leslie West of MOUNTAIN, Ace Frehley of KISS/FREHLEY'S COMET appear on this record, just to name a few.  Two new songs are included on the CD — the wildly popular ode to social media "The App Song" and "You Know You Want It". The single, "Get Your Rock On", released at the beginning of 2012, makes its album debut featuring Phil Collen of DEF LEPPARD/MANRAZE and Sal Costa of MY DARKEST DAYS.   The genre-bending album features 17 songs, and in addition to the artists mentioned above, also includes guest appearances by Miley Cyrus, Hugh McDonald (BON JOVI), Bobby Capps (.38 SPECIAL), Scot Coogan (LITA FORD), THE SHEILDS BROTHERS, and more.

    "Good Songs & Great Friends" track listing:

    01. Nothin' But A Good Time
    02. Get Your Rock On
    03. Sweet Home Alabama
    04. The App Song
    05. Margaritaville
    06. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
    07. You Know You Want It
    08. Unskinny Bop
    09. Nothing To Lose
    10. Raine
    11. Driven (Rock Mix)
    12. Fallen
    13. What I Got
    14. Talk Dirty To Me
    15. Go That Far (Hybrid Mix)
    16. Party Rock Band
    17. Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Country Version)

    The song "You Know You Want It" can now be streamed at MySpace.  In an interview with Gimme Noise, Bret stated about his upcoming CD, "I'm really proud of what we've done with it. It's really not just a Bret Michaels album. I had so many other talented artists come in and support that it's really a 'Bret Michaels And Friends' album. There's a staggering amount of talent on this album. . . It's been such a fun project for me and I'm excited to share it with the fans."  Read more at Ultimate Classic Rock


  • Blabbermouth reports Tyler Jett Motorsports Marketing, LLC has announced a racin' and rockin' alliance between Tyson Racing and '80s hair-metal powerhouse WARRANT.  With over 10 million album sales spanning nearly two and a half decades, WARRANT came into the world spotlight when their debut album, "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich", reached multi-platinum stardom. Consisting of original bandmembers Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon, Steven Sweet, Joey Allen and Robert Mason now on lead vocals, they continue to tour worldwide and play in front of sold-out crowds.  In 2011, the band released "Rockaholic", their latest CD, on iTunes, and their singles "Life's A Song" and "Home" videos received a huge amount of success, which prompted them to launch their 21st-anniversary "Cherry Pie" tour with FIREHOUSE and TRIXTERTurner, who is the rhythm guitarist for the group, recently debuted Erik Turner Wines. The Turner/WARRANT-branded "I Saw Red - Cabernet Sauvignon", which has received rave reviews, will be showcased on Tyson's sleek racecar and fans will be witness to not only the connection between rock and roll and racing, but also to an amazing red wine from the California West Coast with a bad-ass rock and roll label.  Entering his second full season of stock car racing, Mark Tyson of Hatboro, Pennsylvania is excited to get back to Mountain Speedway in St. Johns, Pennsylvania, the 1/3-mile oval in which he cut his teeth on. The 43-year-old and his dedicated team, Dirty South Posse, are focused on running in the Late Model division, in which he finished third in the overall points standings in his rookie season. The team hopes to compete at other speedways as well.  Tyson hopes to bring his #22 WARRANT/I Saw Red Chevy Impala to victory lane and also to a variety of WARRANT shows in the tri-state area for race fans and rockers to check out.  "I can't tell you how excited and thankful I am to have this powerhouse alliance with WARRANT," noted Tyson. "They rocked my street rod speakers years ago and are still bringing it hardcore! Keep on cranking it up WARRANT and I'll crank up the Engines by Hawk-prepared ANGRY V8 in the WARRANT/I Saw Red #22!"  Robert Mason of WARRANT is also ecstatic about the partnership and commented: "We five rockaholics are excited about our new alliance with Tyler Jett Motorsports Marketing, Tyson Racing and the #22 car! I'm against drinking and driving, but as long as Mark Tyson is driving the I Saw Red car, we can enjoy some WARRANT wine and cheer him on from pit row! Rockers, start your engines!"  The racecar artwork and lettering is near final stages, and the engine is at the machine shop. Once the cold Pennsylvania weather breaks, keep an eye out and an ear open for the rumble of monster horsepower combined with monster rock!


  • Blabbermouth reports classic rockers GREAT WHITEMark Kendall (lead guitar), Scott Snyder (bass), Audie Desbrow (drums), Michael Lardie (guitar, keyboards) and Terry Ilous — will film a video for the song "Heart Of A Man" this Friday night, February 1 at Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, California. Also appearing on the bill at the show is SLAUGHTER.  Says GREAT WHITE: "Friday night we will be shooting a live video of the song 'Heart Of A Man' ... If you wish to be in it, just come close to the stage and dress your best."  "Heart Of A Man" comes off GREAT WHITE's latest album, "Elation", which sold around 1,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. Issued on May 22 via Frontiers Records, the 12-song CD marks GREAT WHITE's first effort with Ilous following the band's split with founding singer Jack Russell.  This version of GREAT WHITE is not to be confused with GREAT WHITE FEATURING JACK RUSSELL (formerly JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE), which features Russell alongside Robby Lochner (FIGHT) on guitar, Matthew Johnson (DOCTOR M, JACK RUSSELL) on guitar, Dario Seixas (FIREHOUSE, STEPHEN PEARCY) on bass and Derrick Pontier (GREAT WHITE, SAMANTHA 7) on drums.  GREAT WHITE will release a live album, "30 Years - Live From The Sunset Strip", on February 22 in Europe and February 26 in North America via Frontiers Records.  To mark its 30th anniversary live on March 22, 2012, GREAT WHITE celebrated the only logical way — on stage. In a nod to its early days, GREAT WHITE returned to the infamous Sunset Strip, where a storied past of music's biggest fans are fused into the walls of the Key Club. GREAT WHITE delivered its entire repertoire to a packed house, pining for the band's raw energy and cheering its illustrious history track after track.  The Southern California blues hard rock band debuted with a Don Dokken/Michael Wagener-produced EP in 1983 and later on were signed by EMI for 1984's self-titled debut album. Since then GREAT WHITE has achieved worldwide success, encompassing sales of over six million records. They received a Grammy nomination for "Best Hard Rock Performance" for the song "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and earned a double platinum certification for the album "…Twice Shy".  It's the soulful, blues-based signature sound that turned songs like "Face The Day", "Rock Me" and "Save Your Love" into international hits. The late '80s were boom years for the band, marked by non-stop touring with some of the biggest bands of the era, including stints in Europe and Japan. GREAT WHITE recorded two more albums for Capitol"Hooked", which was certified gold, and "Psycho City".

    "30 Years - Live From The Sunset Strip" track listing:

    01. Desert Moon
    02. Lady Red Light
    03. Face The Day
    04. House Of Broken Love
    05. Save Your Love
    06. Mista Bone
    07. The Big Goodbye
    08. Back To The Rhythm
    09. Rock Me
    10. Can't Shake It
    11. Once Bitten Twice Shy


  • Blabbermouth reports legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen will release his autobiography entitled "Relentless: The Memoir" on May 21 via Wiley.  The book's official description: "Yngwie Malmsteen's revolutionary guitar style — combining elements of classical music with the speed and volume of heavy metal — made him a staple of the 80s rock scene. Decades later, he's still a legend among guitarists, having sold 11 million albums and influenced generations of rockers since. In 'Relentless', Malmsteen shares his personal story, from the moment he donst onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere in the early '80s to become a household name in the annals of heavy metal. Along the way, he talks about his first bands, going solo, his songwriting and recording process, and the seedy side of the rock business."  The 288-page book is available for pre-order via Amazon.  On October 1, 2012, music journalist Anders Tengner's unauthorized biography of Malmsteen, "Såsom I Himmelen, Så Ock På Jorden" (English translation: "As Above, So Below") was released in Sweden via Bokfabriken. The 350-page book is based on more than 50 interviews with people who were really close to Yngwie during his life. It gives a unique and sensitive insight into the raging life of the guitar god. It is a tribute to the biggest Swedish rock star ever, but a tribute that doesn't ignore the hard and crazy times.  "Såsom I Himmelen, Så Ock På Jorden" contains 64 pictures taken by some of the world's greatest rock photographers, as well as unique and private photos.  According to a press release, "This is probably as close as you can get to Yngwie: The loneliness, passion, betrayals, scandals, domestic abuse, drugs, sex and, of course, the music that make up his life."
    The book's foreword was written by legendary hard rock singer Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE), who previously played with Malmsteen.


  • Blabbermouth reports KINGDOM COME, the veteran German hard rock band led by singer Lenny Wolf, will release a new studio album, "Outlier", on April 29 in Europe and May 7 in the USA via SPV/Steamhammer. According to a press release, the group's first studio CD featuring completely new material since the arrival of 2009's "Magnified" "picks up with ten powerful rock songs where [Lenny's] long tradition of fascinating studio albums left off. At the same time, mastermind Lenny is starting a new chapter of his diverse creative career, expertly positioning his charismatic voice on 'Outlier' between traditional rock structures and modern sound elements, which add a third dimension to this album."  "I simply felt the need to delve deep inside of me and run riot in the infinite expanse of the audio cosmos. The result is a friction of mercilessly mechanical, heartless sound collages, combined with my typical melancholy-melodious style," Wolf explains the album's artfully interwoven experimental approach to his sound, which never detracts from the familiar atmospheric basic mood of his songs. "A whole number of souls happen to dwell in my breast, which is why experimentation and the development of my musical existence simply belong together."  "Outlier" was recorded at Wolf's own Hamburg studio, the Two Square Noise Factory. With the exception of the solo guitar parts contributed by Eric Förster, all instruments were recorded by the KINGDOM COME boss himself. In addition, Wolf produced, engineered, mixed and mastered the CD.  "Eighteen months of struggle and madness lie behind me, a period which saw me go through the usual alternating bath of euphoria and doubt," Wolf says. "As an artist, you can never be quite sure just what you've cooked up, but I happen to be an idealist and simply have to keep embarking on new adventurous journeys. The path of predictability has never satisfied me."
  • Blabbermouth reports Christian rockers STRYPER will enter the studio on April 2 to begin recording their next all-new original album for a late 2013 release. The band's frontman, Michael Sweet, states: "[I] started arranging songs for the next STRYPER record today. I've got a phone filled with 50-plus riffs and I'm diving in! STRYPER starts recording on April 2 and wrap the record on June 1. It will be released later in the year, 2013! We're busier now than in 1986."  In a 2012 interview with Guitar World, Michael Sweet stated about STRYPER's plans for the next studio CD: "We're going into this new record with the mentality and thinking of making it like a 'To Hell With The Devil 2'. That's not to say it will actually sound like that album, but we really want it to be as great as 'To Hell With The Devil', which was our biggest album. We want people to put on this record and go; 'Whoa! Wow! This is as good as or better than 'To Hell With The Devil'!' We want the new album to be a powerhouse and we're going to do whatever it takes to make that happen."  Frontiers Records earlier in the month announced the signing of STRYPER to a multi-album deal. The first CD to be made available the agreement will be a collection of re-recorded versions of the band's classic songs, due in North America on March 26. Entitled "Second Coming" and produced by Michael Sweet, the CD will contain a total of 16 cuts — two from "The Yellow And Black Attack", six from "Soldiers Under Command", six from "To Hell With The Devil", as well as two new tracks, "Bleeding From Inside Out" and "Blackened".  STRYPER's "Live In Indonesia At Java Rockin' Land" DVD was released in October 2012 via MVD Visual. The set was recorded in front of an enthusiastic crowd in 2010.  The band's covers album, "The Covering", was unlike any previous STRYPER recording in that it was a collection of cover songs from bands that inspired them and helped to shape their sound and musical identity, including hits from JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, LED ZEPPELIN, KANSAS and many others. "The Covering" also included "God", a new original recording from STRYPER.
  • Blabbermouth reports San Francisco Bay Area metallers DEATH ANGEL have begun demoing material for the follow-up to 2010's "Relentless Retribution". The band is currently recording drums and guitars. A photo from the sessions can be seen below.  "Relentless Retribution" sold 2,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 10 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. The band's previous album, "Killing Season", opened with around 2,300 units back in March 2008. This number was in line with the performance of its predecessor, "The Art of Dying", which registered a first-week sales tally of around 2,100 back in May 2004.  "Relentless Retribution" was released in the U.S. on September 14, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with producer Jason Suecof (TRIVIUM, AUGUST BURNS RED, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ALL THAT REMAINS, WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER). The cover artwork was created by Brent Elliot White (JOB FOR A COWBOY, CARNIFEX, WHITECHAPEL).  DEATH ANGEL's long-awaited DVD, "A Thrashumentary", will be released later in the year. Guitarist Ted Aguilar recently stated about the set, "It's gonna cover the history of DEATH ANGEL from the very beginning all the way up to the current version of DEATH ANGEL now. It's gonna be jam-packed with a lot of old footage, stuff from early D.A., even their side projects after D.A., when D.A. broke up and THE ORGANIZATION formed, and the reformation of the band [for an appearance at] Thrash Of The Titans [festival in 2001]."  According to a press release, "A Thrashumentary" is a combination live video and documentary, all wrapped up in one thrashing DVD. The footage was directed by Tommy Jones (SOILWORK, KATAKLYSM) and mixed by Chris Clancy of The Studio. The film gives the viewer an in-depth look into one of the longest-running thrash acts out of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region known for turning out historic thrash bands such as METALLICA, TESTAMENT and EXODUS.


  • Blabbermouth reports Season of Mist has inked a deal with Philip H. Anselmo's (DOWN, PANTERA) label Housecore Records. The first Housecore release to hit European stores will be a split EP by PHILIP H. ANSELMO AND THE ILLEGALS and WARBEAST, to be made available on March 15. Entitled "War Of The Gargantuas", this EP includes two songs from each artist, marking the release of Philip Anselmo's first solo work.  "A lot of things can be said about Philip Anselmo, but one thing can't be questioned — his integrity," Season Of Mist CEO Michael Berberian comments. "He's the definition of a true metalhead, and his signings are a reflection of that. We'll be looking forward to working his brand in Europe and giving it the attention it deserves!"  "I am looking forward to working with Season Of Mist in concert with Housecore Records very, very much," Philip states.  "Season has a killer roster themselves, and it'll be a pleasure doing the DIY business of propelling underground/extreme music with them. For real, and forever yours truly."  "This split is a glimpse into the future of both my solo project and ultimate thrash metallers WARBEAST," Anselmo stated about "War Of The Gargantuas". “"he title of the split is 'War Of The Gargantuas' and it is fitting on many levels because of our combined love for the '60s Japanese film of the same name, the power of our combined musical output(s) and our humorous affection that plays out within each of our 'gargantuan' personalities. Both WARBEAST and myself have full-length LPs that will be released shortly after this is released, but this split is unique musically. It is a time capsule; a loud pause 'till we both release our full-length products. Enjoy the destruction of music!"  "These two songs we have on 'War Of The Gargantuas' were the next level after [debut album] 'Krush The Enemy'," WARBEAST guitarist Scott Shelby comments. "They've been a staple in our set list for the last two years. These songs are a pure demonstration of our unique Texas thrash metal style."  WARBEAST also recently announced the upcoming release of their second full-length album, "Destroy". The LP is due later this year.


  • Blabbermouth reports SHADOWS FALL's Jason Bittner will hold a drum clinic at Paper City Music Shop in Holyoke, Massachusetts on Saturday, February 23 between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. He will also be offering private lessons the day before (Friday, February 22) in hour-long slots.  For more information, see the poster here.  SHADOWS FALL tapped Willis Mathiasen of 2CENTS to sit behind the drums for some of their shows at the end of 2012 while Bittner received treatment for acute pancreatitis. Bittner rejoined his bandmates on stage on December 19 at Pearl St. in Northampton, Massachusetts.  SHADOWS FALL is touring in support of its new album, "Fire From The Sky", which sold around 10,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 38 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was released on May 15, 2012 via Razor & Tie.  Recorded at Zing Studios in late 2011, "Fire From The Sky" reunites SHADOWS FALL with longtime friend, producer/engineer and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE/TIMES OF GRACE guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, ALL THAT REMAINS). The album was mixed by Brian Virtue and features some of the band's most complex and melodic material in years.
  • Blabbermouth reports Dutch female-fronted symphonic metallers WITHIN TEMPTATION have issued the following update:  "We have been, and we are still hiding in our studios since winter started. With every writing session, new things are happening. We are experimenting a lot and are trying to hold on to this magical feeling.  "We are looking forward to the moment that we can share with you where this journey has taken us.  "We are excited to have found a new enthusiastic label partner, BMG Rights, with whom are aiming for a release in autumn, which perfectly fits the mood of the album. As soon as we can, we will share more information about the new album. In the mean time we will see you on the road this summer!"  WITHIN TEMPTATION's fifth studio album, "The Unforgiving", sold around 12,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 50 on The Billboard 200 chart. Released on March 29, 2011 the CD was produced by Daniel Gibson and is based on a comic book story written by script writer Steven O'Connell (BloodRayne, Dark 48). The band asked comic artist Romano Molenaar (Witchblade, Darkness, X-Men) to draw the characters and scenery of "The Unforgiving", which was made available via Sony Music in Continental Europe and Roadrunner Records in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland, Japan and Australia.  WITHIN TEMPTATION guitarist Robert Westerholt in 2011 announced that he would step down from touring duties in order to focus on taking care of the three children he has with the band's lead singer, Sharon den Adel. His replacement on stage is Stefan Helleblad, who had been working with the band behind the scenes for a few years.  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports Jeff Wagner ("Mean Deviation: Four Decades Of Progressive Heavy Metal" book, former Metal Maniacs editor) is currently assembling his next book, "Soul On Fire - The Life And Music Of Peter Steele". The book will be, in Wagner's words, "a thorough telling of Peter's life, from his "diaper days" to his death. It will not only include analysis of the music he created in TYPE O NEGATIVE and CARNIVORE — and the many triumphs and personal tribulations that came along with it — but also let fans in on the details of his early days. The book will also feature numerous images from throughout his life, on stage and off."  Wagner adds: "Peter's fans miss him, and as a follower of his music since 1986, I'm proud to put together this tribute for them. While warring factions within the story have already been heard, my mission is simple: cut through the crap and tell one of the most extraordinary stories in modern music, with great respect to the subject himself."  Culled from a variety of sources, including recollections from bandmates, family, close friends and record label reps, "Soul On Fire" is an accurate account of Steele's creative genius and incredibly complex personality.  Steele was a visionary and a provocateur; a generous friend and a self-deprecating hedonist; a bandmate and a brother. His struggles with addiction and his acceptance of the Catholic faith he grew up with and then grew out of… all of this is surveyed and detailed within "Soul On Fire".  The book is due for publication in October 2013.  Steele passed away on April 14, 2010 from heart failure. He was 48 years old.  "Going through a midlife crisis and having many things change very quickly made me realize my mortality," he told Decibel magazine in 2007. "And when you start to think about death, you start to think about what's after it. And then you start hoping there is a God. For me, it's a frightening thought to go nowhere. I also can't believe that people like Stalin and Hitler are gonna go to the same place as Mother Teresa."  Steele was born Petrus T. Ratajczyk on January 4, 1962 in Brooklyn, New York. He stood 6' 7" (201 cm) tall, and had a low, bass-heavy voice, which was one of the most recognizable features in TYPE O NEGATIVE's music.  Before forming TYPE O NEGATIVE, Steele played for the metal group FALLOUT and the thrash band CARNIVORE.  Wagner is a music connoisseur and metal historian, and a former editor of Metal Maniacs magazine. He has penned incisive liner notes for releases by EMPEROR, POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, CONFESSOR and others. A music industry professional since 1994 and a lifelong music obsessive, Wagner lives for what he writes about and writes about what he lives.  For more information, go to this location.
  • Blabbermouth reports German power metallers GAMMA RAY will release a new EP entitled "Master Of Confusion" on March 15 via earMUSIC, the Hamburg, Germany-based international rock label which is part of Edel GroupGAMMA RAY released "Skeletons & Majesties Live" on double CD, Blu-ray and DVD in Europe on November 30, 2012 and in North America on December 4, 2012 through via Eagle Rock imprint Armoury Records. The set features footage of the band's April 29, 2011 performance at the legendary Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland.  "Skeletons & Majesties Live" has a playing time of two hours and is a tour de force through the band's history so far, including lots of hits and classics, but also tracks which were undeservedly under-represented to date.  The release of "Skeletons & Majesties Live" marked the beginning of an eventful 2013 for GAMMA RAY: after Hansen stayed true to his word and spent 2012 concentrating mainly on his second band, UNISONIC, he and his three colleagues Henjo Richter (guitar), Dirk Schlächter (bass) and new addition Michael Ehré (the FIREWIND/LOVE.MIGHT.KILL drummer has replaced Daniel Zimmermann, who left the GAMMA RAY fold on friendly terms) are now focusing exclusively on GAMMA RAY again. A co-headlining tour with HELLOWEEN has been scheduled for February.


  • Blabbermouth reports New Jersey-based "mathcore" act THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN last fall entered the studio with producer Steve Evetts (EVERY TIME I DIE, POISON THE WELL, SUICIDE SILENCE, SEPULTURA) to begin recording its new album for a spring release through the group's own imprint Party Smasher Inc. via a deal with Sumerian Records.  Speaking to AOL's Noisecreep, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN vocalist Greg Puciato stated about the recording process for the band's forthcoming CD: "We're about three weeks behind! [laughs] Every time we get into the studio we think we're going to be faster. Maybe it's because we're getting older and we think that this time we have our shit together and we know the songs inside and out. And then once we get in and we start going down every little path of possible creativity you can imagine. 'Let's try this microphone.' 'Let's try this amp.' I'm like, 'I want to change these lyrics.' And then Ben [Weinman, guitar] is like, 'I want to change this guitar part.' And wait a sec, 'The drums aren't like they are on the demo. My lyrics don't line up now!' We're all extremely ADD-ish - producer included, which tends to cause us to make things take forever. Even still, everything is going to come out relatively on time — we're going to make an April or May release, it looks like."  He added: "DILLINGER is a different beast in tracking than most normal bands. Even Steve [Evetts, producer] has told me that there's no other band that he has recorded that requires this amount of attention to detail. We take a longer amount of time to do one thing than most bands take to do ten. At this point, talking to Ben about it, we only do this once every three years on average so ten years from now I don't want to look back and think, 'Fuck man, we should have finished that one three weeks earlier!' Who cares? You want it to be right and you want it to be the thing that was the closest to what your vision actually was."  Regarding the direction of the new THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN material, Puciato said: "I can hear [the influence of old punk and hardcore records] a lot. I can definitely hear that in some of the riffs, which are really aggressive. It's not a blatant hardcore record or anything like that. I actually think this is the most all over the place and weirdest record we've ever written. It's the first one since I joined the band where Ben has sent me songs and I've been like, 'What the fuck is happening? This sounds like a beehive!'"  Read more at Noisecreep


  • Blabbermouth reports U.K. doom metallers MY DYING BRIDE are back in the studio putting the finishing touches on their upcoming EP, tentatively titled "The Manuscript".   Says the band: "We are working on four songs but the EP may only contain three. Artwork being taken care of by Aaron [Stainthorpe, vocals] this time. Release date to be announced."  In a recent interview with Metal Forces, Stainthorpe stated about the songs that will appear on "The Manuscript": "They're very similar to 'A Map Of All Our Failures', because they were written and recorded at the same time, except for one song. That really stands out… [laughs] It's full-on sort of epic death metal; it's swords and axes, a proper warrior battle kind of track that's almost medieval in flavor. You can almost picture the scene; it's set in a snowy kind of mountainous landscape. There are sound effects and all sorts of mayhem going on in it, and death metal vocals not quite all the way through it, but near enough. It even has a Swedish title which because my Swedish isn't great, I'm not gonna repeat here. [laughs] I need to get the pronunciation right before I do that."  "The Poorest Waltz", the new video from MY DYING BRIDE, can be seen below. The clip tells the story of a midnight tryst between two young village men and a dorm of blind girls locked in a sanatorium, who dance the night away to elegant music and home made wine.  "The Poorest Waltz" comes off MY DYING BRIDE's new album, "A Map Of All Our Failures", which was released on October 15, 2012 in Europe and October 16, 2012 in the U.S. via Peaceville Records on CD, double vinyl and special-edition CD+DVD. The effort was recorded and mixed at Futureworks Studios in Manchester, England with the band's longtime production partner Rob "Mags" Magoolagan at the helm.


  • Blabbermouth reports Dirk Verbeuren (SOILWORK), Gus Rios (MALEVOLENT CREATION) and Derek Roddy (HATE ETERNAL) will perform at this year's Titans Of The Throne III Drum Festival on February 20 at the House Of Rock in Miami, Florida.  Tickets are $15 in advance; doors open at 6 p.m.  For more information, visit the Titans Of The Throne Facebook page.


  • Blabbermouth reports Chicago thrashers DIAMOND PLATE have begun recording their new studio album, due later in the year via Earache Records. The as-yet untitled follow-up to DIAMOND PLATE's 2011 debut, "Generation Why?", is being recorded with producer Neil Kernon (JUDAS PRIEST, NEVERMORE, DEICIDE, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD) at Studio Chicago in the band's hometown.  DIAMOND PLATE lead guitarist Konrad Kupiec comments: "We are beyond excited to announce that we are in the studio recording our second album! The legendary Neil Kernon is helping us capture the new songs and the new energy of the band in the traditional way that classic records were made. We decided to step away from the modern approach to albums by recording the band playing live in the same room together and keeping everything real. Everybody can expect this record to be faster and heavier than ever, but most of all they can expect the unexpected."  DIAMOND PLATE last year recruited Matt Ares as their new vocalist and bassist following the departure of Jon Macak.


  • Blabbermouth reports Slovenian occult act VIGILANCE will release its new album, "Queen Of The Midnight Fire", later in the year via Metal Tank Records. The band's follow-up to 2011's "Steeds Of Time" "will crush everything in [its path] with its excellent mixture of genuine traditional speed heavy metal filled with profound devotion for primordial and ritualistic occultism," according to a press release.

    "Queen Of The Midnight Fire" track listing:

    01. Queen Of The Midnight Fire
    02. Behind The Cellar Door
    03. Speedwave
    04. What Lies Beyond…
    05. Night Terrors
    06. Four Crowns Of Hell
    07. Poetry And The Gods
    08. Under Sulphurous Skies
    09. Ritual Of Death


  • Blabbermouth reports Italian publisher Tsunami Edizioni has announced the release of the book "Come Lupi Tra Le Pecore - Storia E Ideologia Del Black Metal Nazionalsocialista" (English translation: "As Wolves Among Sheep - History And Ideology Of National Socialist Black Metal").  Towards the end of the Nineties, black metal — by then one of the most feared musical genres ever that had already made a name for itself thanks to a bloody streak of homicides and various acts of arson and violence — merged its sonic belligerence with national-socialist beliefs and the ideology of white power groups, breeding a new counterculture that's incendiary and ferocious like no other. A formula of intransigent extremism like never before in contemporary music, a world where this mixture of aural excess and loyalty to the so-called "mythos of the blood" gave birth to hundreds of new bands and gathered thousands of disciples from all over the globe: Russia, United States, Germany, France, Poland, Australia, Italy, Scandinavia and even South America.  From the defining fathers of the genre (BURZUM, ABSURD, GRAVELAND, DER STÜRMER, SPEAR OF LONGINUS) to its more unknown and dangerous representatives, "As Wolves Among Sheep" delves deep in this black abyss to bring forth the history and development of NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal), an underground phenomenon that transcended music to become a doctrine in its own right, a nefarious call to arms for those dissident youths who declared war to society as we know it.  The book has been written by Davide Maspero and Max Ribaric. Davide Maspero, experienced graphic and web designer, has contributed to the artworks of several music projects and hosted a radio show that ran for a few years. Along with Max Ribaric, he's currently co-editor of a pro-zine dedicated to industrial, ur-folk, power electronic music and related subjects.  Max Ribaric has been writing for over 15 years, ran his own fanzine during the Nineties and onwards, and is the author of the definitive book about U.S. industrial/ur-folk legends BLOOD AXIS ("Day Of Blood", 2008), recently translated in French by Camion Noir. He currently co-edits the pro-zine Occidental Congress with Davide Maspero.  The book will be available mid February in two different editions: normal edition and special edition limited to 199 hand-numbered copies.


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